Adam Milstein’s Meme Competition is Here! Submit Your Pro-Israel Memes Now

Adam Milstein has always been known as an innovator in the pro-Irsael and Jewish communities. He is a well-known philanthropist that is known to bring a spark of creativity into any situation he approaches. He has outdone his reputation with a fun and trendy Meme Competition that is calling meme creators worldwide to submit pro-Israel memes to be judged publicly through Facebook.

The competition is designed to center around the expression of Millennialls and Gen Z-ers, who use memes as a consistent communication method, sharing and liking the simple image-centric creations. Adam Milstein recognized that may have started with memes of fat cats has turned into a viable form of expression of thoughts, opinions and news.

The Adam Milstein Meme Competition is the brainchild of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation as well as multiple other Jewish and pro-Israel organizations that want to provide a creative outlet for younger generations to share their thoughts.

The competition opened June 28th and will run until Thursday, August 3rd, where the submission process will close. All approved submitted memes will then be placed in an open voting process that will go live on Facebook. The votes will come in the form of Facebook reactions from fans. Those reactions can be anything from laughter or love to anger or sadness and will be tallied up to determine the winners of the first round of the Adam Milstein Meme Competition.

Winners of the public judging round will go to one final judging round. Six pro-Israel activists will gather to discuss the finalists and rank them in first place, first runner up, second runner up, etc. Those finalists will then split a $2,000 cash prize based on ranking and have their meme publicly shared as a winner of the competition. In addition, all other memes from the Adam Milstein Meme Competition will be collected to create a stash of memes to be used as evergreen content to reach younger generations through a variety of mediums.

To view the memes that have already been submitted or to submit memes of your own (only five memes per participant), just visit