Rebel Wilson: The Newest Star of Cats The Movie

Australian actress Rebel Wilson is currently one of the most popular female comediennes now in Hollywood – most know for her hilarious role as “Fat Amy” in the Pitch Perfect movie series, as a boss lady singer who always gets his way.

Her charming personality, adorable face and relatable humor has garnered her millions of adoring fans around the world. Her career is just about to approach full bloom as she stars as the “Old Gumbie Cat” Jennyanydots in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, Cats. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Cats is a classic musical that is timeless and is cordial in all generations. The 1981 musical production was first directed by Trevor Nunn and had the choreography done by the amazing Gillian Lynne. Cats is loved by all audiences from anywhere around the world – it concerns and revolves around a story of a tribe of cats, the “Jellicles” a nd the dilemma of the approaching night that they make their “Jellicle choice” – which is a ceremony on which cat will be chosen to be promoted and ascended to the Heaviside Layer – and be resurrected to a new life. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Again, Cats is a timeless musical, which makes them the fourth running longest musical in all of Broadway History, it was also the longest running Broadway production from 1197 until the year 2006 – and its excellence in art, music and production has garnered them numerous wards in two of the most prestigious Broadway awarding bodies – the Laurence Olivier Awards and the Tony Awards. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

With the recognition that the musical production has achieved, they have done numerous tours all around the world and has been translated and done in over twenty languages.

Cats is a powerhouse musical production which rightly deserves a movie adaptation of its own – and it deserves a rightfully powerhouse cast. The Cats movie adaptation is the perfect avenue for Rebel Wilson to showcase her singing prowess and her charming comedy. She is set to play as Jennyanydots, a “mice mentor” that teaches mice to learn music, chochet, and tatting.

The Cats adaptation will also star Idris Alba, Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, James Corden, Steven Mcrae, Frencesca Hawards and Ian Mckellen – the cast will also be accompanied by the Royal Ballet principal dancers.

The movie adaptation of Cats has been i the dreams of Steven Spielberg for almost three decades now and at this present age, it is now about to come to life.

The movie industry and Hollywood better buckle their seatbelts because Rebel Wilson, along with the whole cast of the movie adaptation of Cats, is about to blow everyone’s minds. And as of now, Rebel Wilson is just getting started – we have yet to see her in full bloom and everybody is absolutely anxious for her best season by far.