Aloha Construction’s Business Before and After the Presidential Poll

Judging by the number of new jobs available for job seekers, many sectors of the US economy are performing under capacity. The construction industry dominated by firms such as Aloha Construction has been responsible for employing many unemployed Americans. Last year around July, the construction industry was operating at its peak with companies like Aloha Construction undertaking hundreds of projects, and hence the industry generated over 18,000 jobs. However, the period preceding last year’s presidential poll and the time after the polls to date have been unexciting for entrepreneurs in the construction industry such as Dave Farbaky, the founder and president of Aloha Construction; the period has been characterized by slow business and dwindling employment opportunities. For instance, the industry created a meager 6000 jobs in July.
The turmoil currently engulfing the construction industry has been felt by the other main sectors of the economy. It appears that the construction industry is at the heart of the US economy. Companies in the residential part of the construction sector such as Aloha Constructions undertake various activities whose effects are felt far and wide in the US. The company which specializes in roof installation and roof repair and other services such as siding, guttering and door and window replacement undertake business with other sectors of the economy. For instance, to conduct its roofing activities, Aloha purchases materials from manufacturers using capital borrowed from lending institutions. The company transports its materials using trucks and other means of freight. A decline in activities in the construction industry is directly proportional to a drop in activities in other sectors of the economy.
After July, pundits in the construction sector had good news for Aloha Construction and other companies in the industry. The industry’s growth trajectory is now moving upwards. Aloha Construction also indicated that it had started receiving business in its Bloomington and Lake Zurich offices.

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