Rocketship Education, Ending Public VS Charter School Battle!

Recently, many parents of children who attend a well known charter school Rocketship Education, wrote a letter to Metro Nashville Public Schools school board along with the director of the board of Nashville’s education, which is Shawn Joseph. The school board recently made a statement and said that the charter school system is unraveling. Many parents, teachers, and even students who attend charter schools were very disappointed from that statement. Academically, many charter school students are performing better than children who attend private schools or even the public schools that aren’t charter. Some parents came together and decided to write the board a respectful letter informing them of how their statement was taken.

Almost 400 parents wrote the board a letter that had a lot of understanding words in it. A response to the letter has not yet been received, but parents are waiting for a response to the letter. Every since charter schools began in Nashville, it seems like the public school system has always been against them. In the letters the parents asked the board can they all come together for the children. The letter also asked for all of the negativity and hatred to end against public charter schools. The only people who are really being hurt from all of the hate that the board is throwing toward charter school is the children.

Parents also showed lots of love to public schools in the letter as well. The parents made it clear in the letter that they do not hate or dislike public schools and they do not wish public schools any harm or bad as well. The parents made it clear that choosing to send their children to a charter school was a personal choice for their children, and that it is. They did not want their children to attend the neighborhood school because the neighborhood school just isn’t their first choice for their child’s education.

The parents phrased the letter very well. Charter schools and the parents of the charter school children are waiting for a response sent with peace. The war between the two must end.

Why The Frontera Fund Defends The Rights Of Latinos and Hispanics

In July 2017 the notorious former sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, was found guilty of criminal contempt. He had been notorious not just around Arizona but across the United States for violating the rights of the people who were brought into contact with him and his deputies.

When the birther movement was started by Donald Trump in regards to where the then President Obama had been born Joe Arpaio enthusiastically joined in. That move paid off because soon after being convicted he was pardoned for his crime by Trump.

Joe Arpaio had been voted in as sheriff six times. Finally, on his seventh run, he was defeated and replaced in November 2016. He continues to be a thorn in the side of minority groups, Latinos and Hispanics in particular. One organization also stands against him which is the Frontera Fund.

There is a large number of Latinos and Hispanics in Arizona, in particular in Maricopa County. It’s near the border with Mexico which helps people settle here. It was well known that when he was sheriff Joe Arpaio would do anything he could against those who were immigrated illegally to the United States and settled in Maricopa County. He often violated their civil rights in order to punish them for being in the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The founders of the Frontera Fund were Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin who had their own run-ins with Joe Arpaio. They were journalists who often had articles about him written in the Phoenix New Times. One night both were arrested and put in prison because Arpaio wanted to get his hands on their reporter notes, something that is clearly against the law.

After a national outcry both were released and they consequently sued Maricopa County. They were awarded $3.7 million which they put to use by starting a fund that would help minorities who face discrimination in the state of Arizona. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

Joe Arpaio got away with his illegal behavior for many years and felt he was immune to the consequences of his actions. It was in the latter half of 2011 when a judge had ordered him and his deputies to stop profiling Latino drivers. The judge made it very clear this behavior had to stop. However, Arpaio refused to comply with the judge and instead they kept on profiling Latinos. It was this conduct that landed him back in court in 2013 where he claimed that he only violated the judge’s order because he didn’t understand it.

The Frontera Fund has been defending the rights of minorities in Arizona since 2007. They have helped dozens of organizations that focus on issues such as the rights of migrant workers and people who have entered the country illegally.

Since Arpaio was pardoned by Trump there seems to be little consequence to racists serving in public positions. It is due to this reason that organizations like the Frontera Fund serve such a vital purpose in defending people’s rights and exposing the misdeeds to the general public.


Here’s A Little Bit About Larkin And Lacey

Part of being a law-abiding American citizen is understanding the civil liberties extended to citizens of the United States of America as outlined by the United States Constitution, a document famous for laying the laws of the mid-North American continent’s most populous country out for its inhabitants to abide by.


However, the First Amendment, the first and foremost provision of the U.S. Constitution, is guaranteed to give the ability to speak, practice religion, and protest freely to all people living in the United States – and people and organizations alike across the country far too often wish to restrict free speech.


The founders and highest-ranking two employees of Village Voice Media, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, fight for the support of global free speech on a daily basis. For that sole reason, the pair created FrontPage Confidential, a popular digital publication that often features sticky topics not often discussed in other, more politically-correct news media entities.


One of the most popular counties in Arizona, Maricopa County, was home to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Common knowledge suggests that Arpaio, a man seriously against allowing undocumented Mexicans to cross the Mexican-American border to reside in the United States in hopes of leading a more promising life, systemically violated the legal rights of those hopeful Mexican emigrants.


After Village Voice Media published multiple articles detailing the events and the proven attitudes of Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested both Michael Lacey and James Larkin at their personal residences for a crime they didn’t commit.


The pair was illegally held in jail under the direct supervision of Mr. Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin sued Arpaio and Maricopa County, eventually winning in court a settlement of nearly $4 million. With the money, they founded the nonprofit business Frontera Fund, which strives to help people who have their rights violated while visiting or living in the United States.


Whitney Wolfe Takes Flight with Bumble as Top Dating App

The dating app industry is going through a lot of changes. People that are part of the dating app community can see that people like Whitney Wolfe are part of this large amount of change that is occurring. She has become someone that has done her very best to start a revolution in the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe has been solid when it comes to dating apps, and no one can overlook the way that she has managed to bring the dating app industry up to speed when it comes to change and big-time innovation.

Whitney Wolfe has become the dating app entrepreneur that has transformed dating apps, but she has also risen in other areas like friendship building and other things like social networking. This is how people have seen the app develop over the years. Wolfe had a much stronger desire for people to see her app as something that was more than just another dating app.

What Wolfe wanted to make sure of was that people were aware that she was also someone that was going to put time into creating an app that was going to help people that wanted to get into networking with other friends. She also wanted to make this app something that would be a standout for anyone that was interested in app environments where they could do everything all under one user account.


Whitney Wolfe has done her best to make sure that the app that she created called Bumble would be something that people would look at it differently. She did not want to have the same type of dating app that every other developer had. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe wanted to make herself stand out as an individual in a sea of copy cat developers.


So far no one can dispute that Whitney Wolfe has done just that. She has stood out as a leader among many different dating app developers. Whitney Wolfe is gaining a great amount of exposure as one of the best when it comes to building Bumble as a total social media experience.





Market America Becomes Primary Choice by Shoppers and Entrepreneurs for Good Reason

Market America is keeping up with the times through the use of the internet. The Greensboro, North Carolina based company is globally known for selling the highest quality products as an online retailer. The company has been in the industry for 25 years.

Quality Products

Market America has three million preferred customers who rely upon the quality and quantity of the products offered. With customers having an array of choices through the use of the internet, the company chooses only the products that meet the expectations of the customer. The company is also internationally marketed with full business operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom as well as Canada. This year Malaysia was added. Market America recently announced its first ever convention in the country with the 2018 Southeast Asia Convention.

Exclusive Distributors Bring Soaring Sales

Market America has over 180,000 exclusive distributors that allow customers to purchase unique products through Because of the high-quality and exclusive top brand items at an affordable price, many of the partners who sell the products have received worldwide recognition that has been featured in publications by US Weekly, Vogue and People Magazine. The company’s sales have soared to an incredible $3.8 billion in cumulative online retail sales. Partners have shared in the profits of the company at an astounding $2.2 billion in commission.

Outstanding Relationships

Market America is all about relationships and building people up to reach their highest potential. Through Unfranchise partnership agreements, entrepreneurs are able to earn revenue based on the business model created by the founder of the company J.R. Ridinger. Anyone that forms a relationship and agreement as a partner is assured to receive encouragement, support and enormous retail knowledge to become as successful as they choose based on individual goals. As CEO and Chairman, Mr. Ridinger encourages every partner to operate with a “can do” attitude in order to attract the best result for their individual business.

Market America continues to come up with inventive and creative ideas, and it’s the reason why customers see it as their primary choice for online shopping and entrepreneurs continue to partner with the company.