Securus Technologies Creates Great Crime Prevention Strategy

There is over 2.4 million inmate calling minutes processed annually to keep inmates and their families connected by Securus Technologies and they were one of their first to create a crime prevention program. Their goal is to ensure the safety of the general public and establish a reliable network giving customers every minute under their service agreement. Rick A. Smith, CEO and president was one of the first to become a part of a stabilized inmate communications network and decide their original technological solutions would be a great start towards their crime prevention initiative.


Securus Crime Prevention Strategies


– Stop inmate cellphone use

– Create additional facility monitoring

– Eliminate illegal money transfer

– Stop telecommunications crimes

– and more…


Unfortunately, 1/3 of all facility related crimes start over the phone and Securus Technologies works hard to ensure their customers are communicating over a reliable network that is being safely monitored. As a part of their crime prevention, the privacy of their customers is just as important. Don’t risk becoming a victim of a inmate telecommunications crime by becoming a member of the Securus Technologies interactive inmate calling network. Visit their secure website for more details on their crime prevention programs, services, and features.


Sheldon Lavin Successful Career in Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin has a great personality. Most people know him as the financial consultant who has been doing very well in the food processing industry. The businessman has had a great shinning start since childhood. When he was growing up, the young man did not know that he had a great career in front of him. More than forty years ago, the businessman decided to venture into the meat processing industry when he was hired to work as the financial consultant with Otto Sons. With his influence in the company, the businessman did his best to ensure that Otto Sons become one of the best in the involved food processing department.

When he joined the meat company as a financial consultant, Sheldon Lavin wanted to change the lives of consumers who wanted great food. The meat handling department is very complex, and it can be difficult to meet all the needs and demands of the customers who are in different locations in the world. However, Lavin has been a great and influential person in the department, localizing all the activities of the international company so that the consumer can get whatever they are looking for. Click here to know more.

After the Otto Sons sold their shares to Lavin many years ago, the businessman chose to concentrate on making the company one of the fastest growing in the international platform. With the help of other leaders in the company, Lavin changed the name of the company, and he has been influential in opening different branches in various parts of the world. These professionals have managed to acquire several other plants and companies so that they can serve the consumer in a better way.

Sheldon Lavin has a lot of expertise when it comes to matters concerning food processing and finances. This great combination has assisted him to become an influential leader and mentor to many people at the OSI Group and other parts of the globe. Sheldon Lavin is very passionate about expanding the services of the company, and he has done all he can to ensure the success of OSI Industries. At the moment, the international company has managed to open branches in several nations in the world. Under the leadership of the businessman, the OSI Group has been successful in getting several awards in the international platform. His skills in the finance department have assisted the company to make the correct financial decisions whenever it is necessary. With the support of other people in the company, Lavin has done very well.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Critically-Acclaimed Brazilian Lawyer Famed for Litigation Prowess

Pursuing a legal career in Brazil is a common trend. Being a lawyer, for instance, calls for extra effort keeping in mind the complexity of the Brazilian legal system. The system is a challenge to any unqualified professional and navigating through it requires utmost keenness. Another factor of consideration is the Brazilian constitution which was created in 1988, meaning that it has been effective for over two decades now. The constitution, being the basis of all laws, attracts many people to scrutinize and learn more about it.

A basic Brazilian lawyer starts their professional path at around 23, this being after about 6 years of studies and interning. By 2011, 676,845 lawyers were legally practicing. The number of lawyers who are out of schools with no licenses is much more. A lawyer is certified to start their practice once they complete and pass their Bar Exams. After that, they are entitled to work in any field of law they deem appropriate.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer working with Tosto and Barros, a law firm highly recognized for litigation specialization. The firm is a pioneer in the market with an excellent reputation for acting in not only complex but also high-value litigation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the anchor of the law firm. He is seen as a market leader attaining great recognition in the industry. Close to all of the litigation areas in the office are handled by him in an efficient and organized manner. As much as mass litigation has a platform in the office, most clients are more concerned with the excellence of legal services in hard cases. This highlights what Tosto does.

One of their main international client remarks that Leite, Tosto e Barros is a definite leader on the list. This is attributed to the value-added strategies recently embraced by the company. Ricardo Tosto is known for maintaining four main techniques for the smooth running of their firm; agility, dedication, efficiency, and skilled technique.


Daniel Taub- successful Jewish diplomat

Daniel Taub served in the office of the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom between 2011 and 2015. He is an international lawyer who left behind a track record of achievements when serving in the ambassadorial office.

Daniel Taub has accomplished a lot in terms of fostering good relations between the United Kingdom and Israel. Daniel Taub who was born in the United Kingdom in 1962, was moving back to his origin country to represent Israel which is county he had adopted in 1989.

Having spent his early life in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub was aware of how to navigate his role as an ambassador in the United Kingdom.

The biggest achievement that Daniel Taub made in the United Kingdom was to ensure that the trade deals between the two improved. Before he left his office, the ambassador’s office released a report that showed Israel-U.K trade had doubled. This was a great achievement given that he had accomplished it within fours.

The secretary of business, innovations, and skill in the United Kingdom described the achievements as a milestone in the relations of these countries. This achievement had marked a golden era in the history of the two countries. The trade transactions stood at $7 billion annually.

These improvements were not only recorded in trade, there were other areas that improved greatly. There were considerable improvements in business, academic research, and cultural interactions. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

For instance, in the business sector, there were improvements in terms of business that were opened by the Jewish community.

By the time he was leaving office, there were more than 3000 Jewish businesses operating in the United Kingdom, this was a great achievement for the Jewish community who praise Daniel Taub for being a great diplomat.

He is the best the country has ever sent to the United Kingdom to represent the interests of the Jewish community.

As a staunch orthodox Jew, Daniel believed in respecting the rights of everyone even as he carried out the mandate of taking care of the Jews interests.

At one point when the united kingdom largest university students body voted to boycott Israeli, Daniel Taub advised members of the administration of these universities not to penalize any student based on their stand on this issue.

He believes it is the right of everyone to have his or her opinion heard. Daniel Taub left a legacy that will live on for many years in the minds of the Jewish community.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s Stunning Accomplishments in JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto serves as the CEO of a successful real estate company in Brazil known as JHSF. The real estate industry seems to be one of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil offering numerous and wonderful opportunities to investors such as Jose Auriemo. Brazil also offers investments accompanied by lower risks compared to other industries in the area. JHSF is among the best real estate company and the leading firm in Brazil providing high-quality services to its clients. The company has several branches which have full operational offices to attend to their customer’s needs in different regions in Brazil. Under Jose’s leadership, the firm continues to shape the image of Brazil with their numerous projects.

Jose Auriemo attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University and graduated. After school, he joined the firm which by then was being led by his father. JHSF was started in 1972 working on projects such as shopping malls, luxurious and classy hotels, spectacular apartments and their recent project an international business airport. Jose Auriemo has overseen developments including Fasano Hotels, Iguatemi Shopping Complex which is located in Sao Paulo, Shopping Ponta Negra, Metro Santa Cruz Shopping center and much more. Jose worked with his father while learning how to run a real estate company. JHSF started as a simple family business but became famous when they developed the Parque Cidade Jardim Shopping complex.

Jose spotted the lands, and his father was against it at first. Mr. Auriemo did not despair and convinced his father to see the area, after that the plans were laid down and the project was established. Jose Auriemo is a brilliant strategist, and he is not afraid to take risks when it comes to business. Jose believes in innovations which makes JHSF one of the best real estate firms with their incredible modern solutions. Since Jose Auriemo joined the company in 2013, JHSF is growing at a faster rate.

Attractive Career Life of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm is known as the most influential and successful hedge fund manager across the globe. At only 35 years old, Sahm depicts traits and features of a reliable and experienced leader. Currently, he is the Chief Investment Officer as well as the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since its formation in 2009, the firm has experienced tremendous achievements- thanks to Sham’s incredible leadership skills. With only less than $1 million, he managed to launch the company, which currently manages over $150 million.

Mr. Adrangi started his career, as a marketing intern, at Merrill Lynch’s credit desk in New York City. Through his hard work and dedication, he was able to get sustained at Merrill for three years, where he was trading credit on the bond desk. Through his experience, Sahm parlayed his excellent skills to do credit trading at the hedge fund, Longacre. After that, Sahm got an excellent opportunity to lead the credit team for Paulson and Company where he managed to makes close to $6 billion mortgage bonds.

He has a prosperous financial career in credit. On several occasions, Adrangi has been an advisor to credit committes in bankruptcy. Mr, Sahm also spent many years at a multi-billion hedge fund management. He has been able to achieve all this from his acquired skills as a graduate of Arts in Economics from the prestigious Yale University.

Between 2010 and 2011, he made his name after exposing fraudulent companies in Chinese which include China-Biotic, China Marine Food Group, among many others. His research focuses on firm’s effort to enforce changes- especially biotechnology sector. Some of his best known published research aim at the development stages of companies. They include Sage Therapeutics, Unilife, Bavarian Nordic and Pulse Biosciences.

Apart from publishing research, Sahm has been an ardent activist in various investments. In 2013, he successfully engaged with Lindsay Corporation with the aim of optimizing company’s capital allocation and cash deployment policies. A year after, Sahm Adrangi managed to lead a proxy contest for the replacement of Morgans Hotel Group directors with two of his preferred directors. To know more about us: click here.

His industrious spirit has seen him climb his career ladder swiftly. He has appeared on numerous interviews and various conferences- as a speaker.

Let Your Dog Know You Care: Feed Him Beneful

People say that one of the best ways to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but while this saying is true for man, it is also true for man’s best friend.

Even dogs can appreciate being fed filling food that is also palatable. In Beneful’s commercials, dog owners mention how loved their pets are and how they feed their dogs Beneful as a way of spoiling them. Likewise, the dogs, themselves, mention how much they appreciate the food and how much their owners obviously care if they feed them such top-grade food.

Give man’s best friend the food he needs, and you’ll have an adoring best friend for life.

Learn more about Beneful:

Anthony Petrello journey to being the topmost CEO

Anthony Petrello is one of the best business executives in the United States. He is also a philanthropist with a big heart. Anthony Petrello is the CEO of the number one drilling firm in the world known as Nabors Industries. It is a drilling firm that offers oil and natural gas drilling services all over the world. The firm also boasts of having the best drilling rigs used in the market. Nabors have drilling projects in Africa. America, Far East, and the Middle East.

Nabors Industries was started in 1968, then called Anglo energy. It has grown from a small company to a multinational it is today. Credit for this transformation goes to the managers who have been at the helm of the company from the 1990’s. It is during this tenure that the company has moved from a little known company in Texas to become a global leader.

Anthony Petrello joined the management of Nabors in 1991. He was appointed as the chief operating officer of the firm. His role was to coordinate the operations of the company so that they could align with the company’s strategic goals. Some of the recommendations that he gave the management of the company when he joined was for them to buy two rival companies that were in the drilling and mining industry. This step was going to help the company to surge ahead of their other competitors. The decisions were approved by the board of management, and this is one of the best decisions that the company ever made. The impact of this decision was felt several years from then. Nabors Industries was taking the industry by storm. Their capacity to handle large drilling projects also improved.

Anthony Petrello remained in the position of the chief operating officer until 2011 when he was appointed the chief executive officer of the firm. After taking over, the company has continued to perform exceptionally well. He has managed to set the targets of the firm is such a way that not even the tough economic times can be able to bring its operations to a halt.

About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is originally from in Newark, New Jersey. He attended the local public school for his high school education. He then joined Yale University who had offered him a full scholarship to study mathematics at the institution. For more info about us: click here.

Tony Petrello graduated from Yale with masters in mathematics. He later abandoned a career in mathematics and joined Harvard law school where he graduated with a Juris Doctor.

Jeremy Goldstein, a corporate governance consultant

Some corporations have in recent years departed from the practice of availing their employees with stock options, says Jeremy Goldstein, a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC., a firm based in New York. Besides economic reasons, the obstacles that led to the employers taking this direction included the fact that the values of stock might fluctuate downwards making it difficult for the employees to get these options. Besides, employees are cautious about stocks because they know the option is prone to economic downturns which might make a choice not viable. Thirdly, workers prefer the higher salaries they would get without the stock options.

On the other hand, stock options come with several advantages compared to the alternatives of higher pay, more comprehensive insurance plans ad equities. One such vantage point of stock options is that it is quite simple to understand and most employees will grasp the concept quickly and see the benefits thereof. Additionally, because a staff’s income will only rise when the share value of the corporation increases, the staff are forced to get innovative and work harder to improve the company’s performance. At the same time, adds Goldstein, who is also a business lawyer, that employers can adopt a type of stock barrier he terms as ‘knockout,’ which means that the staff members will lose the stock option when the share value falls below a certain limit for a particular prescribed period.

There is often a confining legal framework in Internal Revenue Service Rules, which limit corporations from providing their staff with equities. It leaves the firms with few options when it comes to especially rewarding their top executives. The laws make it difficult by ensuring that the business attracts more penalties when it provides shares instead of options.

Goldstein asserts that this alternative not only reduces the amount of money spent on compensations annually but also motivates the employees to maintain a certain level of stock value for their company.

A founder at the Jeremy l. Goldstein & Associates LLC, Goldstein has authored many articles on corporate affairs like the Shareholder Activism and Executive Compensation which got published on Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.


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