Jason Hope Predicts What’s To Come in the Tech World

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor with a great passion for philanthropy and technology. Jason is an Arizona native and grew up in Tempe, he would later graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA from that university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has a clear understanding of technology that is almost unmatched especially when it comes to predicting what the future of technology will bring. Jason Hope wholeheartedly believes that the power of the Internet of Things will become an important trend in modern society, mainly because of the widespread usage of connected devices. Businesses rely on Hope’s advice and insights when it comes to what’s trending in the tech world, this is so they can invest and capitalize with the possibly the best profitable outcome.

When Jason Hope is not invested in his business endeavors, he is most likely supporting various charities, scientific researches for disease cure, biotechnology, educational programs and many philanthropic organizations throughout the world. He is an advocate for supporting educational programs that encourage the youth to learn outside of their institution as well as inside. Jason Hope has donated and worked with many organizations such as; the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, True Colors Fund, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Teach for America to name a select few. He has a current seat as a member of the Director’s Circle for the Arizona Science Center. His heart and home is in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he can be seen passionately giving back to his community.

Jason Hope envisions a long-term meaning to every last one of his ideas, making him feel more productive as an entrepreneur. He has great faith in all of his projects, whether they are entrepreneurial or philanthropic in nature. He stresses that all entrepreneurs should focus solely on one idea to be successful, not jump from every opportunity that comes to them. Jason’s ideas are brought to life by never over-complicating ideas and he always runs his ideas with close friends and family for feedback. On his official website, Jason cherry picks the most interesting and exciting business ideas that come in and he tries to get those ideas off the ground. He states that the “future of the technology industry depends on the great ideas that our young aspiring entrepreneurs come up with.”


Jason Hope Fascination About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things also known as IoT is the modern age technology that seeks to shift how people communicate and carry out operations among themselves and other objects through the internet. Ideally, this technology relies on wireless connections on its operations. One person who strongly believes that the Internet of Things is the secret weapon to the future and that will help transform our lives for the better is Arizona based tech entrepreneur, Jason Hope.

For those whose do not know Jason Hope, this a tech entrepreneur who has earned the reputation he enjoys in the industry through IoT. As a futurist, Jason uses his passion, skills, and understanding in technology to make accurate predictions of technology. This tech entrepreneur has written on a number of topics around internet technology, and his publications have been used by both businesses and individuals to influence their technological practices in the future.

In his recent article, Jason talks about how the Internet of Things has greatly affected our daily routine and done it for the better. According to the futurist, if there is any business that has significantly benefited from these transformations is the retail shopping sector. With the advancement in technology, businesses too have started following suit with most of them automating their operations to their clients.

Hope notes that currently the larger population of American businesses have started offering free home deliveries to their clients. Through the system, an individual can make an order remotely from their phone or internet device and have their goods delivered at their premises. In addition to this, Jason adds that manufacturers of home devices have started shifting their attention towards smart devices. With many refrigerators currently being automatic, Jason notes that it will get to a point in time when these refrigerators will be able to keep track of whatever is inside it with a possibility of even taking orders for the finished supplies.

Even as Jason Hope advocates for the Internet of Things (IoT) it is important to note that this technology has lots of benefits to the economy. For instance, when it comes to the e-commerce industry, this technology can greatly save time and resources as it can monitor and keep track of sales and inventory. In household duties, IoT has helped in the convenience of moving around. You will be able to control your AC system, lighting and other devices from the comfort of your chair.


Eric Pulier and the Path to Success

If you spent any measure of time in Los Angeles pursuing a career in technology then you would no doubt run across the name Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is currently most well known for his work with the XPrize Foundation which focuses on rewarding young entrepreneurs who choose to ply their craft toward making changes in the technological field. Pulier has done so much during his career that we decided to take the time to go over his start, how he got to where he is today, and what he is currently up to.

The Beginning

Eric Pulier was born in a small neighborhood in New Jersey. Pulier would grow up in New Jersey and fall immediately in love with technology. From a young age it was pretty clear that Pulier was fascinated with computers and head over heels with technology. This led Pulier to begin working with computers as a kid and learning the ins and outs of various programming languages. Before he would ever graduate high school Pulier would already have begun his own computer database company. Pulier had a passion and he was willing to chase it.

Educational years

You can’t get to where you want in life without taking time to learn along the way. Pulier understood that you needed to find the best education possible and that led him to attend Harvard. At Harvard Pulier would become well known and well liked for his work with the Harvard Crimson School Paper. Pulier would touch on topics that would later on become a much bigger deal such as terrorism, both domestic and foreign, as well as various technological concepts. Pulier would end up graduating with the highest honors before deciding to head out to Los Angeles.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

There is only so much that you can do with your education if you aren’t willing to go out and do the legwork. Pulier wouldn’t waste any time after graduating from Harvard and he would head straight to Los Angeles in order to start pursuing his dreams. We know that Pulier got his start working in healthcare and education as he sought to develop ways to give both of those subjects to those suffering from poverty.

With early success at his back Pulier shifted gears in order to focus on his work as a venture capitalist. As a venture capitalist he uses his passion for technology and his eyes for reading people and uses them both to succeed in business. Pulier searches out people that are as passionate as he and as willing to work hard for their project. Pulier’s currently wrapped up in the mobile comms company, vAtomic System and that has been his latest success story.

About Eric Pulier: tech.co/author/ericpulier