How We Use Securus Technologies to Control Gang Violence

Gang violence in our prison has been on the rise for may years. The trouble is that the jail is getting more crowded, and the inmates are having to share close quarters with one another, and rival gangs simply do not mix well with others. My job as a corrections officer in this jail is to maintain order so that the inmates can do their time without having to make life difficult for us all.


The one thing we focus our efforts on daily is making sure that we keep drugs out of the hands of the inmates. To do this successfully, we start each day by doing surprise cell inspections for contraband. Despite it irritating the inmates, it helps to keep things out of their hands that they can use to hurt one another. Then we focus on the visitor center, doing physical searches of every visitor and inmate during the visits. Anything that we can take out of the equation here will go a long way in making life easier for all behind these prison walls.


We also make use of the inmate call monitoring system that was recently installed in the prison by Securus Technologies. This Dallas-based company is headed by Richard Smith, and his employees are all working toward the goal of helping to make the world a little safer for everyone. If the inmates are talking on the phones about drugs, the LBS software will pick up that chatter and alert us to take action.


This year we have heard inmates talking on the phone about how drugs can be bought in the yard, where the drugs are hidden in cells, and which gang members are bringing drugs to the jail to pass to the other gang members. We take immediate action each time to make things safer around here.


Rocketship Education quality of services

Rocketship Education has been at the fore front in creating an environment where children from low income families are able to access quality education. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network the charter schools that specializes in working with communities and community organizations in establishing public institutions that offer quality education. It works with San Jose’s children that come from low income families and those learning English on their path to college.

The efforts of Rocketship Education are bearing fruits since there are 25 charter schools that are very high performing. They have been serving people in the community since 2007. A research by CREDO has found out that students from St Jose that have gone through quality charter schools gain more than a month of extra learning. This is for both math and reading.

Parent participation

To ensure that the students get the best quality education, the parents are also participating in the hiring of quality teachers. They participate in this exercise before the classes begin. Rocketship Education says that this is not something new because they have been doing it in all the 13 charter schools that they run. Rocketship Education CEO says that the foundation of the charter schools is laid on parent participation to ensure students get the best quality education.

To ensure that the parents know how to do the interviews, several families undergo training on the best way to do interviews. In other instances the charter schools will hold community meetings so that the families can meet the interview finalists. Parents on the other hand are always happy since they know who will be teaching and handling their children.

Values taught at the schools

Apart from providing quality education to the students, the Rocketship Education teaches values to the students to ensure that they become responsible people in the community. One of the values that is taught in one of the charter schools is gratitude. Every Rocketship Education has five core values of which four are shared in all the charter schools. The four that are shared across the schools include persistence, empathy respect and responsibility. The fifth core value for each school is left for the parents and teachers to decide. This value is the one that best describes the school’s unique value system.


How Did Arthur Becker Go From One Big Investment Field To Another?

Arthur Becker is one of the finest investors in all the world, and he has gone from the technology field to the real estate field in New York with ease. This article explains how Arthur Becker does his work, and it shows that he is willing to be on the cutting edge of technology and real estate. His ideas about business along with his desire to make changes to the way the industry works will ensure greater success for all. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

#1: Moving Away From Technology

Arthur is quite proud of the many investments he made in technology, and he knows that they are just a part of what made him so successful. He wants everyone to be open to the idea that there is a bit of luck involved in what they do, and he knows that someone who is working hard on each investment will feel much better knowing that they did their homework.

#2: Investing In New York

Arthur has moved into New York real estate because prices are high and will keep gettin higher. He has worked on two projects that will sell quite well, and he has acquired a townhome for himself that will use to oversee his operations. Someone who wishes to make a change to the way that they invest. He traded one building for another to make a wise investment, and he will continue to do things such as this because it is the easiest way for him to make the highest profit.

#3: Continuing To Innovate

Arthur believes in innovation over everything else. He would prefer to work with people who want to do the next big thing, and he will find locations in New York that fit that bill. He wants to serve the young workers who are moving to the city, and he wants to give them a taste of the New York life.

There are many people who will find it quite simple to make investments as Arthur Becker has when they follow his career. His trajectory is hopeful for all those who wish to get into real estate and propety investment.


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Whitney Wolfe Introduces Bumble BFF For Women

It can be difficult to find the time to date and make friends when you are in your 20s and constantly working and on the move. Bumble has the solution for both of these issues now that they introducing the new Bumble BFF module. It works from inside the regular Bumble app and can be used to find friends in your area. It uses a different algorithm than the dating portion of the app and is specifically focused on finding people who you would get along with platonically. You simply get matched up with people who have similar interests and you can choose whether or not your want to talk more with them.

Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble BFF when she realized how difficult it can be to make friends when you are busy with work. Since dating apps are already extremely popular and socially accepted, she realized that the same idea can be used to promote friendship. Since Bumble is created by women and caters specifically to other females, you can rest assured that you will be matched appropriately and not have to worry about unsavory exchanges that sometimes occur when using other dating apps. Users are already raving about Bumble BFF and how it has helped them expand their social life and expose them to new people. It is also a great way to expand your network and connections.

Whitney Wolfe has come a long way from growing up Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to college at the Southern Methodist University and studied International Studies. While still in school, she founded her first business and gave the proceeds to the areas that had been harmed by the BP oil spill. She also launched another non-profit organization with Patrick Aufdenkamp which was called the “Help Us Project.”

Whitney Wolfe started her career with her employed with Hatch Labs right out of college. That led to her getting involved with Cardify and eventually becoming a co-founder of Tinder. During her time there, she was the Vice President of marketing. She founded Bumble in 2014 and it is now the fourth most popular dating app.

Discover the Gold Advantage from the US Money Reserve and Diversify Your Wealth

The US Money Reserve recently re-launched its new and improved online portal. The new look website aligns the company’s leading position in the gold industry with its commitment to deliver quality customer experiences. The platform presents high-resolution graphics of the current President, Philip Diehl and coin galleries that you can browse through. It aims to provide a seamless buying experience to consumers.

The website provides useful education on the benefits of investing in the bullion industry. It is responsive, secure and convenient. The online storefront provides real time pricing for gold, platinum and silver bullion. The portal features a knowledge center where you can obtain information regarding the gold industry. This includes details such as industry terms and language used through the process of minting, grading and selling bullion. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

You can request a free gold information kit. This provides information on gold coins, bars and an overview of the gold industry that will motivate you to get started. Another feature is the client connect advantage. This enables consumers to interact with industry specialists. Users can get assistance with purchases, access to exclusive offline offerings, and pro-active consultation.

One of the resourceful benefits of the new portal is a full 30-day buy back guarantee on purchases of all certified coins. It also features fast, insured shipping to ensure you receive your orders safely and quickly.

The US Money Reserve is a financial services company based in Austin, Texas. It is the biggest supplier of US Government-certified precious metal coins such as gold, silver, and platinum. It is a privately held firm established in 2001. The company has quickly grown to become the leading supplier of bullion and precious metal products. It provides an excellent option for investors to diversify their portfolios and increase their wealth.

The firm employs experienced professionals to handle leadership, research, grading, and market analysis. This ensures you receive lucrative products and responsive customer care. The current President, Philip Diehl if a former director of the US Mint, the official producer of legal tender coins in the US. US Money Reserve provides discerning investors with gold, silver and platinum coins as well as gold and silver bullion.

The company prides itself on being the definitive authority on gold in America. Trust is a major factor in the bullion industry. The US Money Reserve has a strong focus on long-term relationships with customers.

Gold signifies wealth. Storing your wealth in gold is a safe bet. Demand for gold exceeds supply. It is protected from economic fluctuations and the devastating consequences of social unrest and natural disasters.