U.S. Money Reserve Creates New User Friendly Website.


For years the company known as U.S. Money Reserve has been helping regular folks like you and me to purchase gold and sliver coins. Years ago they sent potential buyers a catalogue and once they looked it over, they placed an order. Next the coins were sent to your home or office. Even today there is nothing wrong with using that direct mail approach but, today’s gold and silver buyer expects more. It is for that reason that U.S. Money Reserve has redesigned their online website and coin catalogue. The new updates are helping people to become educated and acquire the gold and silver that they want with ease.


People are always telling others to buy gold. They forget to mention that silver and platinum is great too. Now, anyone and everyone has access to the latest, updated information on gold, silver and platinum simply by using the new website. You might be wondering why you should trust the people at U.S.Money Reserve and the answer is simple, their President is a former director of the U.S. Mint. As a result, him and his staff know everything there is to know about the business of precious metals. That means you can rest assured that the information on the website is current and their authority is highly respected.


Becoming involved with the purchase and collecting of precious metals has never been easier. Now there is a fully responsive, all in one place tool that provides useful information on everything a collector needs to know about gold, silver and platinum. By using the catalogue and website you can look over the details of the items you want to order, place your order online and have it shipped to your home or office. You can rest assured that when you order for U.S. Money Reserve you are going to get the highest quality coins and metals at a reasonable price.


You can buy gold bars or silver bullion, certified coins and more. The best part is that it is all in the same place and from a name you can trust. When you buy from U.S. Money Reserve you are buying real coins and bullion too. Some companies will tell you that you are buying gold and they never send you anything but some paper saying you own a share in something. This never happens with U.S. Money Reserve. If you order a gold coin, that is what you get. Go to the new website and have a look around.

Arthur Becker Is Adept At Lucrative Investment Deals.

Mr. Arthur Becker is employed by Madison Partners, which is a speculative agency for investments whose primary focus is on realty and preemptive phase Biological Technology endeavors. Mr. Arthur Becker’s prior employment was with Zinio, LLC as their CEO, as well as their Chairman. Zinio distributes highly sought after digital magazines.

Mr. Becker was also the former NaviSite CEO. NaviSite is famous for providing I.T. services as well as hosting services to a variety of corporations ranging across the UK and the USA. They also have offices that are located in India, and supply highly valuable cloud-based management services to businesses.

While at NaviSite, as well as while at Zinio, Mr. Arthur Becker experienced the thrill of what can come from combining technology with real estate. After departing from Zinio in 2011, he shifted his realty commitment to condominium investments in both New York and Miami. This provides him with opportunities to construct luxury residential developments for further profit ventures.

Mr. Arthur Becker absolutely enjoys working side by side with people that he holds respect for in the fields of real estate and technology, reveals fashionista.com . He finds fascination with the differences that are involved with the various aspects of the work, such as the financing, design stages and construction.

His fascination extends to the field of Biotechnology, specifically the area of cancer research. His lack of medical training does not hinder him, as he has extensive exposure to a great variety of medical ideas on the subject.

Mr. Arthur Becker has the extensive know-how to locate attainable opportunities for investing. Many who know him believe that whatever he touches figuratively turns to gold. He is listed as one of the top investors in all of New York. He is the managing director at the renowned company Madison Technologies. He is also the active manager of Atlantic Investors, which has launched his projects related to realty.

Mr. Arthur Becker is a graduate of the Bennington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Administration. He has also taken courses at the Dartmouth Truck School. See, http://arthurbeckerstudio.com/biography/


Drinking Wine, Having Fun, And Making Money

If you feel like having a job that lets you work at home and make money, while tasting some fairly fine wines, Traveling Vineyards has an idea that is just perfect for you.

You can host a wine tasting party in your home, and invite your friends, and ask them to invite their friends. While they are there, ask them all if they would like to host a wine tasting party and receive some discounts on bottles of wine in the process, and see if they would like to host your next wine tasting part. Traveling Vineyards has all the necessary items you need for the party, from the invitations to the wine, to the snacks that go with each different wine to bring out its flavor.

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The Traveling Vineyard is modeled after a number of direct selling, at-home opportunities you have probably heard about. This product, however, is unique. It has boutique wine that is professional chosen from vineyards all over the world, and the wine tasting affairs done by Wine Guides and Consultants use prize winning wines and educate the party goers as to the nature of the wine. They will let the tasters know and relish what snacks and delicacies go with each type of wine, and they can try it themselves.

If you just want to have fun, or are interested in some of the ‘perks’ that are available for being a hostess, or if you are serious and wish to be a Wine Guide or Consultant, get involved in one of the most fun ways to make money yet!

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