Squaw Valley Releases a Statement Highlighting Water Quality Issues at the Upper Mountain

In reaction to the press release issued on November 29, 2016, concerning the detection of coliform and E. coli bacteria in the drinking water at the upper mountain of the Squaw Valley, OLYMPIC VALLEY has issued a detailed and comprehensive statement. The Placer County Department of Environmental Health received the report on potential health issue on November 8. Since then, consistent treatments have been carried, and it is generating positive results. Currently, three of the four wells responsible for supplying the upper mountain with water are indicating the absence of E-coli and low level of coliform. The Placer County Environmental Health’s director confirmed these positive results.

Business at standstill

During the entire water treatment period, all the upper mountain-based restaurants have remained closed. The skiers can go on with their skiing activities but they are not permitted to drink the water until the matter at hand is fully resolved. Top-to-bottom skiing is still going on at the famous ski resort. Hotels will start operating once the County Environment Health releases an official statement on squawalpine.com confirming that the water is fit for domestic use.

Highlights Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows’ statement

Liesl Kenney, who serves as the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows’ public relations director, released a full statement highlighting facts concerning the water quality at the upper mountain. Kenney described what caused the contamination and highlighted the measures that his company adopted to manage and eliminate the contaminants.

Strange weather event in October

Placer County experienced a bizarrely heavy rainstorm in October that affected various water systems. At Squaw Valley, the strange weather event resulted in a backlog of a recently upgraded water system set up during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp, leading to the contamination of that water system. This contamination occurred on that water system alone, but other Squaw Valley’s systems are safe.

Routine checkup and measures to contain the contamination

During the regular checkup, Squaw Valley’s professionals detected the contaminants and moved swiftly to contact the Squaw Valley Public Service District as well as the Placer County Environmental Health. Additionally, the firm consulted with other competent water safety professionals. The resort has leveraged the assistance from these experienced water safety technicians to implement sweeping measures aimed at finding a lasting solution to this issue. The firm’s management has promised that it will not rest until things return to normalcy in the Squaw Valley area. In additional, the resort will not use the water at Gold Coast and High Camp until it gets an official confirmation from health officials and other professionals that the water is fit for usage.

Commitment to customers’ safety

Squaw Alpine Resort has made a name for itself in the hotel industry due to its unwavering commitment to clients’ safety. It has confirmed that it is taking the water issue seriously just as it does for other safety matters at the resort. Guests residing at the Gold Coast and High Camp will continue to enjoy full access to the company’s facilities such as free bottled water. They will be updated once an official confirmation that the matter has been completely resolved is received.

The Marketing Expert Kenneth Goodgame Is

Kenneth Goodgame is a profound leader at True Value Company based in Chicago, Illinois. At the firm, Goodgame serves as the Chief Marketing Officer as well as the Senior Vice President since 2013. He boasts of an extensive experience and knowledge in the marketing industry, which has propagated his prominence in the profit and loss management fields. Additionally, his skills have been beneficial in enabling him to establish quality and adept teams to help him in achieving his goals.

As a management member of the True Value Company, Goodgame has elevated and innovated the firm into an international brand by leveraging his consumer based expertise, principles, demand and customer awareness exclusively.

Kenneth Goodgame is also acknowledged for instituting indigenous methods for True Value Company, which have developed a profound effect in the epidemic marketplace.

According to CMT, Kenneth Goodgame is an ultimate symbol of unsurpassed authority and possesses many attributes in the realm of commodity formulation and brand perception. Goodgame is also superbly inventive and resourceful when it comes to marketing.

Goodgame’s authoritative talents foster his possession of capabilities and competencies, which in turn allow him to convert his insights and concepts, as well as those from associates, into a substantial collaborated effort. The eagerness that Goodgame displays is a motivation to his associates who possess absolute loyalty, trust, and respect for him.

Kenneth Goodgame is extensively incorporated into the prevalent innovation and success of the True Value Company. He visited the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where he graduated magna cum laude with a BSc in Finance and Marketing. Before moving to True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame worked at Ace Hardware, Oak Brook, Illinois as the general merchandising manager.

At Ace Hardware, Goodgame was responsible for supervising profits and losses in international purchasing. He worked with Tetronic Industries, Anderson, South Carolina, from 2008 to 2010, as the Direct Tools Factory Outlets’ President.

From 2002 to 2007, Kenneth Goodgame worked with Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville in Carolina serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing. Here, Goodgame was placed successfully in charge of marketing, sales as well as new commodity evolution strategy. He facilitated a profound growth of the company through his position and the national campaigns that he instituted to popularize the firm. In a corporate aspect, Kenneth Goodgame has simultaneously been propelling the retail sector while still escalating sales.

Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: http://www.hardwareretailing.com/true-value-shakes-up-leadership-team/

Handy Home Cleaning Moves to Online On boarding

Business can often be about taking risks. Handy Home Cleaning CEO Oisin Hanrahan backed up his strategy of online on boarding for new cleaners. Online on boarding is the process by which new employees complete their initial paperwork and orientation through a self-serve or computer. He felt that by making it computerized they could save money on human resource employees. Umang Dua, co-founder, did not feel as enthusiastic about this online on boarding. In January 2015, they agreed to do a limited run in Washington and Miami.

At first the on boarding was not very successful. Successful on boarding was less than 40%, which meant fewer cleaners for the clients. They began to lose clients because of this lack of cleaners. They had decided to grow instead of being profitable. In the long run this move away from human on boarding could save them money. At first the lack of cleaners seemed over whelming, but now it seemed the high customer density worked for them. It was easier for their cleaners to get appointments and business stays steady. Handy.com Home Cleaning took a risk that paid off and increased their business. This move will help them to eventually increase their profits.


Unique Makeup Hacks With Wengie

When it comes to makeup hacks, nobody does it better than Wengie. She has recently scoured the internet and racked her brains to come up with 17 makeup hacks, tips, and tricks. She wanted to find things that people have never seen before and compile them in an easy and helpful list. The best part is that they are all super simple! Anyone can do them and chances are they have the necessary ingredients and materials around their house.


Wengie loves her fake eyelashes. What she doesn’t love is how they get stuck in such odd places all over her house! Anyone who’s ever worn these knows what it’s like to wake up with eyelashes on a pillow. Therefore, Wengie discovered the genius hack of keeping fake eyelashes in a medicine pill container. There’s a space for each day of the week and even days and nights. That way eyelashes aren’t only stored safely, they are also stored in an easy to follow way.


Many people struggle with shaping their eyebrows. Wengie even does sometimes too! That’s why she discovered the many purposes of a set square from Geometry. No longer is it just for math, it can be used to shape the perfect eyebrow by lining it up from nose to eye. It helps to create a smooth look in the best part is that with some adjusting of the wrist, longer or shorter brows can be created.


Wengie loves her bright lipstick. It’s hard to find lipstick however that glides smoothly, lasts the day and eliminates lip wrinkles. That was until she discovered lipstick with built in primer. The primer helps lip color to look flawless!


Any woman who’s ever worn perfume knows just how frustrating it is that the fragrance doesn’t last! A container of vaseline is all you need for a long-lasting scent. Rub the vaseline on and then spray the perfume. This will help to hold the scent and also moisturize skin because perfume likes to dry out the skin.


These are just a few of the hacks done by Wengie. For all 17, visit her youtube video and learn more.

How EOS Lip Balm Revolutionized the World of Lip Care

When you found yourself with dry and chapped lips, you would run out and hunt for a tube of Chapstick. Chapstick comes in cherry or mint flavor and has been a go to for lip balm users for years. However, with all the ingredients listed and the bland look of the tube, many people just weren’t that impressed with Chapstick.

A few years ago, a new player entered into the lip balm world and revolutionized it. EOS lip balm has now been used by millions and is even popular with many celebrities. EOS lip balms offer a variety of flavors like grapefruit and honeydew. In a recent article the owners of EOS or Evolution of Smooth sat down to talk about their marketing strategy and how they have become the second bests lip balm seller in the country. They have even surpassed Blistex and Chapstick.

The brains behind EOS lip balm, have done many things to ensure that their product is successful. One of the most important things that they did was to realize that lip balm was just not unisex and there should be a broader variety of options as women were using lip balms as part of their every day routine. They also realized that people using lip balms, were wanting to get rid of all the chemicals. They wanted the products that they put on their lips to be natural which EOS decided to provide.

EOS started out by showing their unique containers to a Lucky Vitamin customer who became their first account holder. From there they had to ensure that their product would get out so marketing to millennials was very important as was to get the word out to everyone.

Seven years after starting up, EOS has been successful and will continue to grow thanks to their unique marketing strategy and smart business sense. Find out more about their interview with Fast Company here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3065620/most-innovative-companies/maybe-microsoft-isnt-ignoring-musicians-after-all.

To learn more about EOS lip balm, visit their Facebook page and website at https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.

Josh Verne on Succeeding in the Business of Life

Josh Verne believes that succeeding in life and in business is all about coming to the realization that we are the biggest impediments of our success. Here we examine what Josh Verne feels are some of the key ingredients to success in life and business. The lessons seem ridiculously simple, yet they are essential.


In management people are either leaders or bosses. Bosses are more about what they want and they are difficult, authoritative and demanding. A leader on the other hand will earn respect from his followers and subordinates. The leader does this by putting others before himself and in so doing he achieves his goals and aspirations.


Win-Win Situation


In life like in business always strive for a win-win. A win for you and the clients should be a win for your employees as well. When you stop settling for situations that are to your disadvantage, you will be programmed to always look for the best solutions in all problems.


Listening Skills


It takes a lot of skill to learn to listen to others especially when you are in a position of leadership. In life and in business, we do well to listen more than we speak. Speaking less gives your words authority when you finally get to speak. Use your words sparingly and listen to others more.


Balance in Life


Balance is everything in life. If you are too preoccupied with work, you neglect your family. If you are always at home, you lose the opportunity to work. If schooling runs your life, you lose your balance. Balance your life by having a little of social, professional, academic and spiritual encounters.


Your Passion


Find out what it is in life that makes you want o skip parties, work late and wake up early. What makes you wake up with fire in your belly daily should be sought seriously. When you discover this, you are going to go places in life and in business.


Josh Verne


Josh, Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas founded workspays.me in 2012 to offer financing, zero percent, through instalment payments. Josh is presently the CEO of Flocku.com. Flocku, a peer to peer mobile exchange for students, is a platform to watch, read and share things.

With over 20 years’ experience in starting businesses and growing them to sell them later, Josh worked as co-president of Home Line Furniture before starting workspays. me. Jose is sought after by leaders and upcoming business personalities for help and leadership on how to start and grow an enterprise.


NFL Betting: It Can Change Your Life

There are a lot of people in life that could use a little extra money and there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody has bills to pay and things they need to take care of in their life. That is part of life and that is part of being a grownup. However, oftentimes their real job does not present them with enough money. That is why they need to take what they are passionate about and what they care about, NFL betting, and turn it into something that can be profitable for them, thanks to a website like Covers.com, which is simply put, the best website in the business.

It is a website that people cannot overlook and do not overlook it. They know they are going the extra mile for the people that visit it for NFL odds, football odds, and Super Bowl odds. They have columns that break down the game in various ways, so that when someone places a bet, they can place a bet with confidence and it can change their life. That extra money can help them save up for their child’s college or to get those car repairs they have needed done for a long, long time.

The beauty of Covers.com and how it handles football odds is they make it fun. It is not stressful and it is not worrisome. When someone uses all of the resources on the website like the expert predictions, the videos, and the columns, they can’t go wrong. As with anything, there is not a one-hundred percent success rate. Nothing in life is that way. There is always an element of risk. However, it does not feel like a risk when someone has done their homework and someone has used Covers.com to get all of their facts correct and see the the things that other people are overlooking.

Other people are looking at other websites that don’t have the experts of Covers.com, like I mentioned. They are called experts for a reason and they have earned that title. It has not come easy for them. They have paid their dues and they have earned that title. Now, they want to give back to people and help them with NFL betting. They want them to get the most out of it that they can without any hesitation and without any second guessing. They can have a better life with Covers.com.