Bank Helps Dallas Residents Own Their Dream Homes

For a low-income earner residing in Southern Dallas, renting a decent house is trouble enough, let alone owning one. However, the tides are changing immensely thanks to the new initiative by Nexbank to supply home loans to over 100 households.

The Dallas-based bank is partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to disburse the 100 plus loans to residents in different zip codes South of Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a not-for-profit mortgage provider that has been working close with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. This partnership was established to find out how low income earners can also fulfill their dreams of living mortgage or rent free.

Nexbank is offering a $50 million grant to the ongoing housing program established by the partnered organizations. This will help keep the program running for an additional 5 years in which Dallas Neighborhood Homes will continue lending to low income homeowners. This initiative is such a relief to many homebuyers who never thought they could one day access mortgage loans. Nexbank has made that possible and is throwing in one more perk—the financial institution offers to pay title fees for all loans through the affiliate program they have launched, and an extra $2000 on closing loan costs.

North Texas was the first to make low income home ownership a reality to those who couldn’t afford. Both Dallas Area Habitat and the Dallas Neighborhood Homes are grateful to Nexbank for their financial assistance, which is a great opportunity to the low-income home ownership program that is still in the take-off stages.

About Nexbank

Nexbank is an online banking company with a focus on three main areas: commercial banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking. The financial company has grown to be a success and currently boasts of an investment portfolio worth $3.5 billion. Besides providing banking solutions to individuals and corporates, Nexbank is interested in a couple of CRM projects to help improve livelihoods. The online banking company recently acquired the College Savings Bank, a major financial institution that provides savings plans to students in Princeton College.

Atlanta Hawks Make Changes

Recently, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. It is believed that the insurance company had breached a contract that was made by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Hawks. Bruce Levenson was also a former controlling partner of the Hawks.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13, 2016, at the Superior Court of Fulton County. AHBE made claims that it was insured under a policy that covered losses that are related to employment practices. These practices include wrongful termination and workplace torts. In early April, AHBE informed the insurance company that claims that were asserted by Danny Ferry were covered by the company. The lawsuit claims that the insurance company has refused to acknowledge the claim let alone accept the policy had been triggered. As a result on June 22, 2015, Danny Ferry and the Hawks ownership reached a buyout agreement. (

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson went to Washington University in St. Louis. He then went on to attend law school at American University. His career did not start until 1977 when he co-founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz. They began this company by creating the Oil Express, a newsletter that focused on new developments in the oil industry. Over the years, his company acquired many other newsletters. They were even able to branch out by launching several databases that include Oil Price Information Service, and GasBuddy.

Then, in 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC, which has come to be known as the Atlanta Hawks LLC. This LLC was formed so that they could buy the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Bruce Levenson works as the team’s managing partner. In 2012 he hired Danny Ferry to be the general manager and president of basketball operations. In late 2014, Bruce decided that he would sell his share of the Atlanta Hawks company.


Keith Mann Has Been Successful As An Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Keith Mann has become a highly successful entrepreneur today, finding his started in the state of New York. Today, Keith owns his own company, as he is the director and founder for Dynamics Search Partners, a firm focused on hedge funds and alternative investments. This is Keith’s area of expertise, as he has been working in alternative investing for more than 10 years, holding hundreds of different contracts throughout several countries around the world, including the US, Asia, and Europe. Keith is also dedicated to philanthropy work using his success to help out the community and those in need.


Not too long ago, Keith Mann started up a fund for scholarships to raise money for students to attend college. This was also part of a partnership with Uncommon Schools, which is a program that is dedicated to helping low income students have a beter chance at attending good schools and attending college at all. Keith wanted to get involved with this because it his his belief that all people deserve the right to a good education so they can have a chance at success and doing what they want in life. He and his wife started up this program, and along with Uncommon Schools, they will be giving out scholarships each year to a lucky student that will be able to take it to any university they wish. This is not all for Kieth Mann though, as he is always ready to help out and support his community. He showed this when he stood up for the police department in New York after facing some dangerous protests.


Keith Mann has long been building up his reputation as not only a generous leader, but an ambitious one as well. With decades of experience in his industry, Keith is capable of achieving anything. His company, Dynamics Search Partners offers some of the leading services for hedge fund and alternative investments. As an investor, someone is trying to achieve the same thing as someone who is an entrepreneur, which is put in an investment towards something and get more out of it later. Keith excels in this area and uses his expertise to help others manage and work past the risks.

Feeling Trapped When My Lips are Chapped!

When my lips are chapped my day is a big bummer. Not only are chapped lips painful, they are look and feel horrible. All I can think is lizard lips, who wants that? And it doesn’t matter what climate you are in because risks are everywhere. Chapped lips are caused by wind, cold and sun. The best thing I can do for my lips is protecting them with something. I am pretty sure I have tried so many different lip products.

I have tried so many different products, but wait, what is that adorable little sphere of colorful super happy fun lip balm? The day I tried Evolution of Smooth I never looked back. I really don’t need to. Evolution of Smooth lip balms come in a variety of flavors and colors, I never get bored.

Evolution of Smooth is the best thing to happen to my face in a very long time. Not only does it completely protect my lips, it comes it such a smart package. The sphere shape is actually fun to hold and use when I am out. The last thing I want to do when I am on the move is stop and pull out a mirror. With Evolution of Smooth, I feel like I can achieve full coverage of all of the delicate creases in my pout full lips without even checking my reflection. EOS products are easy to fin, and can also be purchased via eBay and Ulta online.

It makes me feel good to know that Evolution of Smooth lip balms are made with care and are totally paraben and petroleum free. Check out:



Mike Baur entrepreneur mentor

Once a “dropout” is now a entrepreneurial genius. Mike Baur is a well known investor and financial mentor in the Switzerland area. There are so many small businesses appearing day by day wanting to successes just as much as the next guy. Small businesses are vital to the flow of the economy because they are pushing consumers money around to supplies, other small business, and the government. Often times a small startup might have a great idea, but not know where to start. Maybe the business just needs more capital or guidance along the way. That is where Mike Baur can be of service.


Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Start-up Factory AG. He has 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. He has been in charge of raising to push growth for the company and keeping track of finance records.


Swiss Start-Up Factory was started in 2014. The factory is classified as a Zurich-based accelerator, looking to partner with motivated digital entrepreneurs. This company can help local entrepreneurs get their feet of the ground and have a set game plan for the near future. The factory has a strong network with lots of connections in the Switzerland area to help connect small business owners and dedicated entrepreneurs to succeed.


There is a three month-long training course provided by the factory that offers a bunch of really useful information regarding a platform services, coaching, mentoring, an office space in the heart of Zurich. On top of that, many local lenders and business executives are connected to the factory network. So you can expect that if you take down good notes at the training’s, you will have some contracts lined up waiting. Keep the goals realistic and relevant and they can be accomplished.


The most important part of the program could very well be having a well-educated investor working with you constantly helping make the right financial choices. It can be very hard to get quality help that is affordable and helpful. The digital technology world is growing very fast and Baur has been able to help a lot of small digital technology entrepreneurs grow and make new connections around the Switzerland area.


The factory has been able to partner with a Swiss Starup Bus company that is specializing in more friendly and accessible bus transportation around the city. The advanced technology will be able to power road trips via bus.

Read more about his interview on Founder Stories.