The Program for SEC Whistleblowers

Businesses have been able to get away with a lot for the longest time. There were a lot of unethical practices being done by quite a few businesses that have been ignored until recently. The economic downturn has also resulted in a lot of revelations of businesses that have done a lot of underhanded acts. As a result of these findings, people have lost a lot of trust in these corporations. As a result, there has been a new initiative brought into the industry. This is called the Dodd-Frank Act. This allows people to report any type of violations that they see.

When people report certain violations, they will be protected from any forms of retaliation within the company. For one thing, there are a lot of cases when people have decided to keep quiet when they have caught an unethical act due to the fear of job loss. Thanks to the new Dodd-Frank Act, people may be compensated for each case that they report to the program. The reported business will be investigated. If there is in fact any type of violation found during the investigation, the one who has reported will receive a percentage of the fine.

For the historic legislation, there has been a law firm that has been set up for the purpose of investigating any business violations and compensating the whistleblower for bringing it to the attention of the law firm. This is not meant to merely punish and retaliate against people who break the rules. This is to get businesses to act in ways that are ethical and fair for their clients. Clients need to know that they can trust their business to an institution. The SEC Whistleblower Program is put in place in order to discourage anyone that may have the thought of cheating their clients.

Institutions do have a long way to go in order to regain the trust of many people. However, they could achieve that by staying on ethical behavior. When people act ethically, it will pay off for them. They will gain more clients. They will also be able to avoid penalties that often come with underhanded tactics that cheat the people they do business with.

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Madison Street Capital is Proud Of Their COO


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading international banking firms in the world. The company is built on three pillars that are integrity, service delivery and leadership. The company attributes its success in the world of investment banking to these three components. Madison Street Capital has specialized in offering the following banking services: Financial opinions and valuation services, mergers and acquisition expertise as well as corporate financial advisory services. Its clients come from both the private and public sectors. Madison Street capital’s clients boast of having an edge in their respective global marketplaces. This is because the company views emerging markets as the most critical component driving global business growth today. Its focus on significant assets on the markets is also a contributing factor to their client’s success.

Recently, revealed that one of Madison Street Capital co-founders had been recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) as part of their 40 Under Forty recognition program. This is none other but Anthony Marsala, who is also Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer. For a number of years now, NACVA has dedicated its efforts and resources to shining the light on people who have made extraordinary advances in financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and mergers and acquisition, among other related professions. The honorees are selected by a panel of judges comprising of the executive staff of NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).

The idea behind the 40 Under Forty recognition program was to give voice and opportunity to the next generation of corporate leaders by recognizing their contributions to their profession, communities as well as their future contributions. This year’s honorees were selected from a pool of more than 125 nominees. The profiles of this year’s nominees will be featured in a number of press releases including NACVA’s Association News, The Value Examiner and QuickReadBuzz Blog, among others.

Mr. Marsala attended the Loyola University of Chicago where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Information Systems. He also holds a Masters Diploma in Strategy from Said Business School, which is an affiliate of the University of Oxford. Mr. Marsala is also a member of NACVA and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). He is a renowned expert with over three-decade experience in business valuation, M&A and corporate finance. For over 13 years now, he has been part of many valuations and transactional engagements in a number of companies across different industries. He has, however, focused on small and medium business enterprises. Most of these businesses are in the energy sector, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, food and agriculture, technology, biotech, medical services, staffing and pharmaceuticals, among others. As Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Marsala is tasked with ensuring a strong company presence in the international world, and more specifically in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Latino Music Lovers Have Fallen In Love With Norka Luque

Move over Shakira. There’s a new Venezuelan singing beauty, and she is turning heads in the music world. That beauty is Norka Luque. Norka is burning up the Latino dance charts with the hit singles from her first album. Her hit, Milagro, is making the kind of noise in the record industry that turns ordinary singers into superstars. But Norka isn’t an ordinary singer. She has been called extraordinary ever since she started singing in public at the age of eight in Venezuela.

But let’s fast-forward a couple of decades. That’s when Norka Luque and Emilio Estefan met. Estefan is the guy that married Gloria Fajardo and turned her into the lead singer of the Miami Sound Machine. Estefan has 19 Grammys and is still one of the most influential people in the music business especially the Latino music business. Estefan has produced albums for Shakira, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, and Celia Cruz just to name a few of the stars that put their trust in him and his team of composers. When Estefan and composer Archie Pena heard Norka’s voice, they knew they had another superstar in the making. Norka had all the qualifications. She was trained professionally; she has style, panache, and beauty along with a keen business sense. Norka studied business in France, but she also earned degrees in fashion, the culinary arts, and marketing. Norka can hold her own during a business meeting, but her first love is singing, and it shows when she is behind a microphone and on stage.

It took Norka and Estefan’s team some time to put together the right arrangement that fit her style, but when they did Latino music lovers came out of the woodwork to buy it. Norka’s first album earned her a female pop artist of the year nomination in 2011. She also got to work with her idol, Shakira as well as Ricky Martin, Celia Cruz, and Marc Anthony. Norka became friends with Gloria Estefan. Gloria helped Emilio find the right sound for Norka. Gloria knew Norka’s music was pop dance music with a reggae, Mediterranean twist. That may sound crazy, but it works for Norka. Her single, Milagro, is one of the top records on the Latino dance charts.

Norka’s career is just beginning. She is becoming one of the Latino artists that cross over into the mainstream music scene. Her songs are being played on radio stations around in this country and around the world.

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Results of Using WEN by Chaz Dean

The WEN Healthy Hair Care System by Chaz Dean has been pleasing users for over sixteen years. The unique 5-in-1 Total Beauty formula of WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler and leaves hair shiny and voluminous. The formula gently treats hair without stripping it of its natural oils as traditional shampoos do. This builds strength, manageability, and lasting moisture.

In addition to the Cleansing Conditioner, WEN offers a Nourishing Mousse, Anti-Frizz Styling Crème, and Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. Each of these products is designed to give all hair types and textures more softness, shine, and body whereas most ordinary products can only promise one of the three and are made for specific hair types.

In an article from Bustle, “I Used Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened,” Fashion and Beauty Writer, Emily McClure describes her experience of using the Sephora marketed Cleansing Conditioner for a week. See the full article at the link below:

The instructions on the bottle recommend using a minimum of ten pumps for short hair. Before using the product for the first time, McClure was hesitant to use so much of the product. However, she used ten pumps of the Cleansing Conditioner and immediately felt that her hair was thicker. She noticed that less strands fell out during her shower and was very pleased with the bounce and shine of her hair after blow drying. The shine and moisture lasted throughout each day of her using the product.

McClure found that, due to the amount of moisture Wen hair provides, it is best to use the Cleansing Conditioner in the morning. She also styled her hair normally and therefore combined the product with heat protectant and texturizing paste with great results. Overall, she was happy with the product and impressed with how shiny her hair was after using it.

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Ignore the Negative and Follow Your Dreams!

Many people give up on their dreams because people around them, whether its people they know or strangers, tell them that the goal is absurd or can’t be achieved. When people give up on their dreams, they spend their lives thinking about the possibilities of what could have been had their pursued their passions. Any goal is achievable, if the person has a plan.

A template plan may be as follows:

Surround yourself with positive people and think positive thoughts.
Look for positive business ideas, and research things such as locations, markets, services, and products.
Learn the management aspect of business, and the details of how to run a business.
Improve your discipline and patience.
Do not take unnecessary risks.
Focus on the accounting portion of your business—study cash flow, reduce liabilities, and protect your assets, and get a reputable accountant.
Grow your business by reinvesting profits.

In 1980, the United States hockey team had the odds stacked against them when they played the best hockey team in the world at the time, the undefeated Russian Team. Despite the odds, the team of rookies went out, led by Herb Brooks, and gave everything they had, and defeated the Russian team in the game that is now known as “The Miracle on Ice.” After beating the Russians at Lake Placid, they went on the beat Finland in the finals and became the world champions of hockey, all because they didn’t let the

Herb Brooks told his team, “We’re at 10 to one odds to lose this game tonight. This also means we have a 1 in 10 chance to beat them, and tonight men, we’re not going to lose.”

Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave is an exclusive package that gives simple step-by-step instructions to becoming wealthy by riding the market crashes. This package not only includes instructional DVDS, but unlimited telephone and email support and access to special websites used for predicting market crashes. Wealth Wave explains the market cycles, and how to make the most of your money by using these cycles to quadruple your money. If you don’t believe it, check out MoreMoneyReview‘s review of the program. Or read more about Jim Hunt and VTA on their website.

Diet Myths, Maintaining a Physique, and the Fabletics Line

Aside from being one of Hollywood’s top actresses, Kate Hudson is also the spokeswoman for the fashion brand, Fabletics. Budget friendly athletic wear that is also cute enough to wear for a night out is what the line is all about, but a deeper rooted purpose influenced the launch of the line, overall.

After asking if she could snack on some popcorn throughout, Hudson gave Elle Magazine an exclusive interview that discussed diet and exercise myths, how she maintains her heavily sought after figure and, of course, how their Instagram handle came to be. In between snack breaks, readers were able to enjoy Hudson’s humor and compassionate personality that radiated through her words.

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What about Those Diet Myths?

The fitness buff said she does not totally disprove fads that come to be in matters pertaining to dieting, but she heavily avoids the belief that somebody must eat or drink particular things each day for the rest of their lives. Basically, fads are temporary and it is important to remember that. Her least favorite diet myth? The continuous need to cleanse. Though she admits to occasionally undergoing a cleanse, she refuses to do one for longer than a week, let alone every day.

How Does She Maintain Her Figure?

Kate’s fitness does not stop at her role as a dancer on Glee, but flows over in her everyday life. Aside from the occasional cheat day when she enjoys some frozen yogurt and chocolate, the actress also enjoys pilates, training at the gym, and going for a run. Of course, she is always rocking her Fabletics!

The Spark That Fueled the Fabletics Fire

Miss Hudson really dislikes the fact that a quality label is only slapped on leggings and tank tops that cost over $100 and, upon shopping one day, she decided that enough was enough. With Fabletics, a few essential pieces can complete an entire wardrobe for less than $100. The quality is superb, the styles are trendy, and the line makes sizes for everybody. Without a doubt, Fabletics is the choice, and the fact that its advocate is a really profound influence on women across the globe is just an added bonus. Reference:

Wengie’s Way To Beautiful Skin Year Round

Wengie, host of her own beauty care YouTube channel in Australia, brings viewers around the world advice on how to maintain the most beautiful skin. In this episode she contrasts summer and winter skincare.
Protecting your skin from summer’s heat is important. Wengie mists Etude House’s Ice Shot Cool Fluffy Toner on her skin to regulate her skin’s temperature. As a result of stabilizing the skin’s temperature, the skin will keep an even tone.
A huge problem in summer can be the overproduction of oils. Before you know it, your skin is invaded with extra oils and your face looks majorly greasy throughout hot days. Wengie suggests carrying along blotting papers in your bag, wherever you go. The papers comes in two textures: silicon and paper. These blotting papers are so convenient because they remove the oil from the skin, while leaving your makeup on.
The most important thing to remember about summer skincare is to take care of your pores. Pores have the perfect opportunity to get bigger in summer because pores expand when they get clogged with oil and dirt. Secret Key’s Pore Tightening Clay Mask keeps pores tight and dirt long gone!
For cold weather, the application of rose-hip oil will prevent skin from becoming dry and will allow for a smooth and even makeup application across the face. Wengie stands by rose-hip oil but also encourages trying other great organic oils for your skin type. Also in the winter, she suggests using the Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Mask. Wengie ensures that it is super refreshing for dry skin. You can rub the remainder of the mask on your body and not waste any product. Using a cleansing balm when it’s time to clean your skin will leave moisture in the skin and remove dirt at the same time. Get this effect with Clean it Zero, a balm by Banila co.
Last, Wengie offers some year-round advice and warns against damage done by the sun to the skin. She suggests using a spray sun screen everyday to ensure year-round protection and beautiful skin.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Plan To Help All Women Look Great

There are a lot of women who are coming to the offices of Dr. Jennifer Walden to see what can be done about their bodies, and they will get a consultation with the people in the office about what can be done with their bodies. They can all see what their best option is, and they will get help from the people in the office based on what their personal needs are. There are some things that women might not be aware of, and they also need to be sure that they have the options that they are looking for.

Dr. Jennifer talks people through surgeries, procedures and other things they can do to change their bodies. It is very easy for women to look their best, and they will be able to change the way that they look every day. Someone who wants to look their best needs to ask what their choices are, and then they need to come in to see Dr. Jennifer for help. It is much easier to do this than it is to do things that work best for their bodies.

A woman who comes in to see Dr. Jennifer can set a goal to change their body, and then they can work with people in the office to remain comfortable. It is very easy for people to get the results that they want, and they can relax in the office. Friends can even come along for moral support if they need to. That means that the office is a safe haven for everyone, and that also means that the people who come to see Dr. Jennifer will feel better about the work they have asked for.

There are many things that women can do to look their best, and they need to be sure that they are going to have a chance of looking their best, and they need to see if they can alter their approach to what they are doing to find their inner diva. Women have a lot of help changing their bodies, and Dr. Jennifer is the best.


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ClassDojo and the Mindset for Growth

If there is one thing that influences success, it is the mindset. People who have what is known as a growth mindset are more likely to succeed in their pursuits. The ClassDojo critters are teaching people about the mindset that will take children far. The two critters go by the name of Mojo and Katie. They are reminiscent of characters from Pixar’s “Inside Out”. They are actually the star of animated shorts that have been put together by ClassDojo. Teachers and students are coming to understand what the “growth mindset”. This is one of the most innovative ways of thinking that allow room for mistakes as well as other aspects of learning.

While the newer company by the name of ClassDojo is promoting the “growth mindset” it is far from a new idea. The academic industry has been dealing with the concept for a while. In fact, Carol Dweck is one of the vocal supporters of this mindset. Among the topics that he talks about which are related to the “growth mindset” is how adults can get the children to learn. There is work being done in order to find a way to make it work well.

Among the things that people are learning about the growth mindset is the difference between working hard and working smart. A lot of people have the mindset that it is about persistence and effort. ClassDojo is trying to teach some better ways to achieve goals. There is an importance to strategy when it comes to using effort. For one thing, one does not always make a successful life through just hard work. While people are going to struggle in their learning, it is almost pointless to keep banging the head against a wall for a solution is ill-advised according to ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is getting ready to bring some significant changes to the education industry. Students and teachers will learn valuable lessons for their own lives. Students will walk away from school with better skills that could translate to their careers and their daily life. They will know how to live a productive life with the help of ClassDojo.


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Important Considerations for Renting on Airbnb

Renting part of one’s house on the Airbnb marketplace can be a quick and easy way to make money, and a decent amount at that. The simple act of hosting travelers and tenants for small periods of time can sufficiently rake in enough money to pay for property fees. But there can also be a host of unexpected problems that can take new or unprepared hoteliers by surprise. These issues can be big enough to put hoteliers in unanticipated legal and financial problems, and even cost more than the amount of money made by renting their property if severe enough.

There are 3 main issues that one must always consider as a hotelier for Airbnb – the risks involved with renting, insurance coverage policies, and financial insurance coverage and protection. There can be many risks taking in tenants and renting to them. You are potentially liable for and injuries to guests, theft, illegal activities, damage to the property or of to your neighbor’s, or even lawsuits depending on the actions of the tenants. And the typical issue of some tenants refusing to pay.

Short-term rentals are unfortunately not covered by many homeowners insurance policies, which makes you responsible for expenses that are incurred by your tenants. Another issue to consider is that the protection offered by Airbnb is secondary coverage. It doesn’t activate until you’ve exhausted your other resources.

In light of these issues, many qualified insurance professionals, and wealth and investment managers are there to help you review your options and offer advice unique to your situation, and one that stands out among all the others is Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair is the Sole owner of Wealth Solutions, a company based in Austin, Texas, and has been involved in securities for 22 years.

Blair and Wealth Solutions offer many services such as financial planning, advisory services, information on funds, and more for high net worth individuals. Mr. Blair has helped many people attain their investment goals through companies like the Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, United Global Securities, and of course Wealth Solutions, Inc. His areas of expertise include integrated financial planning, estate tax and planning, securities, asset protection, employee benefits, insurance and more. He holds over 55 million dollars in assets under management. Wealth Solutions is a professional investment advisory firm uniquely suited to advising and supporting novice Airbnb renters, and is highly advised for renters.

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