Summer Looks: Confessions From a Recent JustFab Lover

I can be pretty particular about different styles, and I am meticulous about every article of clothing that I buy. I want to talk to you about an online retailer I stumbled upon that caught my attention called JustFab. I have been checking out their summer clothing. I must confess that as picky as I am, I found a few pieces that I like.

One article of JustFab clothing that got my attention, which I could not let go of, was the Boyfriend Linen Shirt. This shirt comes in a few different colors, but the one I loved was the off-white color because it screams summer to me. The shirt is natural linen with impressive thread-work. The button down shirt lets me be as sexy as I want to be. I personally go down as far as two buttons, though some of you may be more adventurous and pop that third button.

The shirt has two pockets that really sell the idea that you are wearing your boyfriend’s shirt. The thread-work does have a little detail that makes the shirt stand out even more. The pattern mostly highlights vertical lines. I loved the features because we all know that vertical lines make you look slimmer. Oh, and do not worry; just because it is called the Boyfriend Linen Shirt, does not mean it is too box-like. The designers still gave us a slight curve to highlight our waist. Let me tell you that this is my go-to summer shirt, and there is nothing no one can say to change my mind.

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Another piece that I was rather impressed with was the Tie-Front A-Line Skirt. Again, there are a few colors available, but I preferred the pastel off-pink color, which I thought gave me a slight innocent look. The dress is ever-so-flowy. The skirt is still heavy enough, so it should not blow up too much. I do not have to remind you that the summer has always been the season I show off my legs. I am always anxious to let my legs out, and this skirt definitely gives me that opportunity. The thread work, again, is exceptional. At first glance you may think that the skirt might be a little see-through because it looks and feels so delicate, but it is not. Perhaps the most interesting part of this skirt is the Tie-Front design. In essence, you have a thick lace at the top of the skirt to tie the piece in place. I particularly love the bow-tie look, but you can tie it any way you want. I felt like it gave the skirt a whimsical touch, which I definitely appreciated. See:

What is even more impressive is the entire line is filled with affordable pieces. You can label me a JustFab-lover and a proud one at that. 

How Wen by Chaz Works with Fine Hair

A recent article follows a week in the hair-life of someone with fine hair testing out WEN by Chaz Dean.
What’s Wen?

Wen is a unique hair care line developed by LA stylist Chaz Dean. With a successful salon and celebrity clientele, one can safely assume this guys knows what he’s doing. Wen has been around for several years, generally with rave reviews.

The Guthy-Renker advertised signature everything-in-one Cleansing Conditioner comes in several different formulations, each designed for different hair needs. The idea is that you only need this one cleansing product for incredibly healthy hair.

The Fine Hair Experiment

Bustle author Emily McClure decided to put the line to the test on her fine, thin hair.

The first few days involved her adjusting to the amount of the product needed, as well as how moisturizing it really was. But her facebook photos show that her hair appears to be thicker, shinier, and overall healthier.

By day 5 she has settled into a routine with Wen. Her photos show consistently gorgeous hair days, and she describes how soft and shiny her hair has become.

The Verdict

At the end of her experiment, she concludes that Wen is a good product for those with fine hair. If you’re the type to wash your hair daily, which many are, the Cleansing Conditioner will work just fine for you.

Need Wen?

Visit WEN’s profile on Twitter.

Fraud Could Decrease with the Number of Compliance Officers on the Rise

The career of the compliance officer is a rather new trend. There are a lot of people who are unaware of what a compliance officer really does behind the scenes. But in truth, a compliance officer has one of the most important jobs in a company. Their job is to fix compliance issues, correct problems relating to ethics, and ensure that regulations are followed on a consistent basis. They carefully pick through every scrap of paper they can find in a company to locate any problem in these areas. Once any compliance issue is found, they immediately take care of the problem. Once the problem is remedied, they put measures in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Over the last twenty years, the field of compliance officers has risen from nearly none, to a workforce consisting of tens of thousands of compliance officers. Many employees see compliance officers as a threat to their job. However, a compliance officer is only a threat to those who fail to follow company policies and manage a basic understanding of ethics.

Helane L. Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is responsible for handling security issues, litigation problems, and many other issues that major companies like this one face. Before assuming this position, she practiced law, which makes her the perfect person to keep a well-known company out of litigation court, especially one that deals with a large number of clients per day.

Originally, the compliance officer position was filled by someone who worked an experienced position in accounting or an experienced person in the legal department. Now, there are colleges across the country that offer degrees in this extremely prominent field.

A lot of people think that this field is only growing in the United States. However, it has also taken off overseas as well. The reason why interest in this field is growing so astronomically is because most of the companies who need compliance officers are large, multinational companies. These companies not only want to ensure that they protect their companies domestically, they also want to protect their companies that are located in other countries as well.

Along with the increase in compliance officers, the need for auditors, legal representation, and risk management teams is expected to decrease over the next decade. Companies would prefer to have a compliance officer in place to find issues and fix them before they become problematic, instead of someone to do damage control after the fact and try minimize the damage incurred.

Impressing Customers With WebRTC Recorder

The PR Newswire reported the story about Talk Fusion and the launching of their new product. They found a much faster way for their customers. Impressing customers with cutting-edge new products and features that foster better communication. The WebRTC Recorder has been launched and has created a much faster way for every customer. Allowing the WebRTC to do the work for them is impressive.

Faster Playback and More
What can the WebRTC Recorder actually do and accomplish? Every user can expect instant recording with a much faster playback and seamless synchronization. Talk Fusion has created a wonderful user experience. Expect extremely high-quality and rich communications applications. Advanced technology fosters superior communication from Talk Fusion. Existing customers already have access to numerous benefits of the WebRTC Recorder if they are using Firefox and Chrome browsers. This new feature can be used right away. The existing customers can start using this exciting feature by picking Video Email or they can pick Video Newsletters. This will go through the Talk Fusion Dashboard. Then the “wecam” recording option will need to be clicked.

Customers Are Offered a Free Trial
Any company, person, or charity is offered a 30 day Free Trial. This trial is an opportunity to experience the fastest and easiest way to send and record Video Newsletters and Video Emails. These may be sent to family, donors, customers, and to friends. This trial allows anyone to sign up with a risk-free option. This can be done on Talk Fusion’s website. There is no need for a credit card because this is a free trial for 30 days. No strings attached.

A Video Marketing Solution
Talk Fusion is a Video Marketing Solution. They are dedicated to assisting every business. Any business can stand apart from their competition. This can be done by the following:
* increasing profits
* increasing sales
* keep customers engaged and returning
Talk Fusion takes pride in providing methods for making marketing much more memorable, persuasive, and engaging. This is done with the use of video.

Luciana Lossio: Success as a Lawyer, Minister, and as an Equestrian Champion

The Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, graduated from the Central University of Brasilia in 1999. Since then, Lossio has specialized in Electoral Law, as a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. That path uses her three graduate degrees in Civil Procedure, Law, and the State and the Constitution, plus recent studies in legal order and prosecution. During her career, she has represented many important clients, including governors and senior members of the executive branch of government.

She has also blazed the trail for women in law and governance. In 2011 she was the first female lawyer to ever become a Substitute Minister for the Superior Electoral Court. She has been a very competent and intelligent lawyer, dealing with complex issues at all levels of government. For many years, she has worked with The Superior Electoral Court in order to keep things up to date on legislation and procedure.

Luciana has consistently shown her credibility in working with Superior Electoral Court matters, just as the current Minister has done. The current Minister of The Superior Electoral Court has also served in the Attorney General’s office alongside Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro and like him, she can handle complex pieces of legislation brilliantly. That will be very important as she transitions and takes hold of those additional duties.

Yet Luciana does more with her time than simply work on legislation with the Superior Electoral Court and think about legal matters. She is a talented and brilliant horsewoman who has shown her abilities on the equestrian ring to be equal to any of her talents with legal matters and degrees.

Her passion for horses has been lifelong. Luciana holds a Brazilian Amateur Jumping title, as she and her mare Nikita took the course three times with no zeroes and successfully jumped over obstacles of 1.2 meters high. Of the forty men and women competing that day, she beat them all. That passion for riding remains strong to this day and she has even represented Brazil in various equestrian competitions around the world.
Whether it is with her horse on the equestrian ring or with her colleagues working to improve the Brazilian Electoral and Legal system, Luciana has the heart and spirit of a champion. She is young and has a long future ahead of her, in which she can let those passions drive her to success.


Olympic Valley Incorporation Battle Comes to an End

Olympic Valley, also known as Squaw Valley, is a community on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore and home to the famous Squaw Valley Ski resort. A four-year drought seriously hurt the area’s resorts, but Olympic Valley’s ski destinations are recovering thanks to an early winter this year. However, Olympic Valley was also facing an internal conflict. The community’s struggle with dry conditions took place at the same time as a political struggle over the prospect of incorporating the area.
Residents who supported incorporating Olympic Valley into a separate town found resistance from others who feared that incorporation would bring with it higher taxes and exacerbate the community’s financial woes. Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, was quoted in the Reno Gazette-Journal as saying, “It was truly a recipe for disaster, financial disaster.”

Wirth went on to explain that the proposal had far-reaching implications. Incorporation would cut Olympic Valley off from other North Shore communities, which currently pool their money along with Olympic Valley to deal with regional issues. According to Wirth, the quality of local services, such as snowplowing and road upkeep would likewise suffer.

The proposal was rejected by California’s Local Agency Formation Commission on the grounds that the new town would not be financially viable, bringing the controversy to an end. Wirth believes that with the incorporation question settled, Olympic Valley can now turn its attention to transportation and infrastructure, issues in dire need of attention.

Before becoming CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth accumulated a wealth of experience in international resort management. A true outdoorsman, he nearly died in a skydiving accident. The near-death experience inspired him to found an Ironman team in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation, which supports SEALs and their family upon their return home.

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