Skout’s Potato Chip Survey Is For A Good Cause

Potato chips can reveal a lot about a person. Skout has proved this to be the case. The San Francisco technology company runs a popular dating/social networking mobile app and, in honor of National Potato Chip Day, asked 3,000 of its members to answer of few potato chip-related questions. The intriguing answers will surprise those who never looked at the sociological side of potato chips.

Based on the responses, the particular of flavors enjoyed by a person show how big his or her social circles are, how often the person frequents (or doesn’t frequent) the gym, and what the particular political preferences of someone might be. No, the survey is not scientific, but it is a lot of fun.

Fun is the one thing Skout is all about. The purpose of Skout’s social network is to more easily bring people together for dating and friendship. The dating game has changed a great deal over the past ten years. People live busier lives than ever before and this makes it harder to connect with others in a more traditional manner. A path forward exists for those who do want to meet someone new, but don’t have the active social life they once did. They should follow a new path and one that has proven very successful: venture into the world of social media-based dating apps.

Skout has produced an outstanding app that makes it incredibly easy to meet new people. Skout is a fantastic app designed to connect people across the globe through a geographic-based dating and friendship-oriented mobile social media platform. Skout is doing quite well for itself and for its members. People across 200 different countries have signed up with Skout making one of the more popular social media apps in existence.

Skout is not just being producing the survey for laughs. The company is connecting the survey with a charitable endeavor. Participants of the social network who send a “virtual potato chip sticker” to other members will be logged. Skout will tally up the number and deliver a cash donation to a local food bank. One cash donation per sent virtual sticker shall be made. Skout engages in a number of local charity endeavors similar to this one. A great many people in the Bay Area benefit from Skout’s generosity.

PR Newswire has a solid review of the entire potato chip survey. The piece is worth perusing.

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Bridgestone Sells Off Investments in Venezuela

After being present in the country for over six decades, the famous tire maker Bridgestone has joined a growing list of companies to abandon the country. Many foreign multinationals, such as Ford Motor and Procter & Gamble have either suspended their operations or pulled out of the Venezuelan market completely, expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks mainly due to the country’s poor economic condition, skyrocketing inflation and currency controls that have made exchanging the local currency at the official rate practically impossible.
As part of its divestment plans, the American tire manufacturer has announced that they have reached an agreement to sell their local assets to a local firm called Grupo Corimon. Good thing says Gonzalez that the company will continue operating under the name Alice Neumaticos de Venezuela. Grupo Corimon is a company that has been established in the local industrial sector for a long time, specializing chiefly in paint products. They have expanded their reach to other parts of Latin America, including the Dominican Republic, Panama and Paraguay.

In a statement about the divestment, Bridgestone has confirmed that this recent move will not have a financial impact on the company, as its investments in Venezuela have already been written off as a loss in 2015. The tire maker has also stated that they are proud to have served the people of Venezuela for 62 years and wish all the best to the owners and employees of the company that replaces them in Venezuela.

How Does Status Labs Help People Get Back On Top?

Status Labs has devoted a lot of time and energy to making sure that people are going to be able to have the best services for their online reputations. An online reputation problem can explode quickly, and the Status Labs team will begin to solve the problem using their own formula. Clients that are coming to Status Labs are in need of a plan that will change the way they perceive their own company. Status Labs uses all the information they can find to change the reputation of a client, and they are there to see that every client gets the same kinds of service over time.


Clients can pay Status Labs a retainer to have them check on their online reputation, or Status Labs can immediately work on a problem that is happening right now. It is much quicker for someone to call Status Labs because this is easier than just wondering how the problem will be solved. Solving the problem alone never looks good, and Status Labs has the resources that are needed to make every client look good.


They will go so far as to release pictures and videos that will look good online. They will show the public every good side of the client, and the public will get very involved with the way that the company works. Every positive piece of news that is there will be released online, and the positive news will be so voluminous that the negative news will be banished to pages in an online search that no one ever checks.
Someone who is trying to make sure that they have a good image management should ask Status Labs for help. Status Labs will make it pretty easy for everyone to get the results they want, and Status Labs will be there to change the way that everyone manages their new reputation. Status Labs can keep an eye on the online reputation of the client, or Status Labs will keep working until the threat is neutralized. There is a lot to do, but only Status Labs knows how to make this work correctly.

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A Legendary Investor George Soros Cut His Investment in U.S Stock

A legendary investor George Soros has cut his investment in U.S stocks. Overall, in the first quarter of 2016, the value of publicly disclosed holding indicates that Soros fund management has fell by 37% to 3.5 billion. At the same time, George Soros bought Toronto-based Barrick Gold shares valued at $264 million.

According to economist Natalya Volchkova on, gold has always been viewed as a safe haven at times when risks for investors is are escalating. In “risk-off” environment, it is better to sit out with gold. Volchkova told Ridus News agency that Soros knows what he is doing; he is killing two birds with one stone. He buys gold when they are cheaper so that he could sell profitably in future. At the same time, he leaves a more volatile dollar to gold that is more stable.

Within three months of 2016, the gold price has grown by 16 percent. This comes as the biggest Quarterly growth since 1986. Barrick shares have jumped 39 % since March 31 news that the company has been rapidly reducing debt and cutting cost.

The dollar should be backed by gold. This is the suggestion being made by many gold proponents. Among them is a Republican nominee for US president, Ted Cruz. According to Ted Cruz, Federal Reserve should stop trying to juice our economy, and be focused on monetary stability and sound money, ideally tied to gold.

The Hungarian billionaire has amassed over $24 billion fortune over the years through enormous plays in stock, bonds, and currencies. As an investor, George Soros is a short-term speculator, and make a huge bet on the direction of financial markets. Soros view financial markets as chaotic, and the prices of currencies and securities depend on human beings, both professional and non-professional who buy and sell the assets. George Soros also believes that market participant are influenced by one another, and they move in herds. He said that most of the time he moved with herds, but he watches for an opportunity to get out first and “make a killing”.

George Soros has spent more than 20 years speculating with billions from other investors, making tons of money for them through his highly successful Quantum Fund. His fund on average recorded 30% annual returns. In the 1980s, he retired from day to day management of this fund, as one of the richest people in the world and he embarked on philanthropist work. He established Open Society Foundation as a vehicle to give back to society in response to financial blessing he has received. Through the Foundation, he has donated millions to various causes throughout the world. In recent years, Soros has written and lectured extensively on issues dealing with human right, political freedom, education, and the role of U.S in world affairs

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Who Loves Shark Tank? We Do!

It is still remembered to this date that Brand Yourself entered the reality show Shark Tank. The company’s appearance on the TV show was filled with intensity, excitement, disappointment, and inspiration. In fact, it is worth re-airing the season because it shed light on how modern entrepreneurs innovate a modern business.


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.43.32 PM

About Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself is a reputation management platform created out of the very experience of the founder Pete Kistler. It’s one of many companies, like Status Labs,, and others, that do this type of work. Pete used to apply for a job as a programmer but was unsuccessful because employers confused him with another Pete who had negative background. Whenever employers searched his name on the internet, they found the one who was a drug dealer.

Pete then tried to fix this by subscribing to a third party company who could help him fix the issue but for a whooping $25,000 to do something that could not be shown to him. Because of this, he partnered with Patrick Ambron and Evan McGowan-Watson, and found a do-it-yourself solution to counter such high cost of managing an online reputation for users. They then established Brand Yourself to offer a do-it-yourself platform to manage online reputation on search engines.

Brand Yourself During Shark Tank

The panel of Sharks were Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec. It was Brand Yourself co-founder Patrick Ambron who pitched the company’s business to the Sharks. Along the way, Kevin, Daymond, and Lori backed out for some reasons. Only the two tech-savvy Sharks Mark and Robert remained, but it didn’t take long when Mark also bowed out.

Surprisingly, Robert expressed interest and offered a deal of two million dollars for 25% stake instead of Patrick’s offer of 13.5%. To the surprise of many, Patrick refused Robert. No deal was done. BrandYourself was forced to move on with Robert’s help, but has done well continuing on.


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Talk Fusion Makes Talking To Family Easier

Talk Fusion is the only thing I have ever used that actually made it easier for me to talk to family. My family is spread all over the country, and we have to go to a lot of trouble to communicate with everyone. The easiest way to do that is to use Talk Fusion. I found it online, and I was very happy that they had all the things I needed. They gave me the technology I needed to talk to family without feeling like I was missing out.

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Talk Fusion works great because it was designed to be simple. I know that Bob Reina wanted it to be uncomplicated, and he made it so uncomplicated that even my little nieces and nephews know how to use it. It is a platform that lets us talk for as long as we want, and it helps us stay in touch as a family. We have had a lot to talk about over the years, and now we have one place where we can chat about it any time we want.

I started using Talk Fusion, and my cousin immediately signed up for it. We chat on there all the time, and we make it really easy to get all the talking in that we need to do in one shot. It is such a basic thing that we are able to log on at any time and chat. If we cannot chat, we can make videos for each other to share news. We are so happy that it is so simple, and we even use it to visit with the kids.

Talk Fusion has a simple subscription that we all signed up for, and we all have it on our computers so we can talk anywhere at any time. I can make video announcements for family gatherings, and I can make videos that explains what our next event will be like. We can all chat in conference if we want to, and we are able to stay in touch and see each other’s faces because of the technology we have in Talk Fusion.

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Who is Bob Reina?

Get Seasonally Ready With Fabletics

What was once home to gowns, elegant pantsuits, and the newest high-fashion patterns now gives way to a more casual approach. Athleisure wear is taking the fashion industry by comfortable storm, and people simply cannot get enough. Though confusion still exists pertaining to the capabilities this clothing possesses, and people do not understand how gym clothes are able to be so trendy, the general public and celebrities alike are putting an end to that uncertainty. Each season requires a certain style, and when matched appropriately, athleisure wear makes flawless outfits for them all.

Spring and Summer

Cosmo educates women of the colors they should be basking in during the spring and summer months. Describing what they refer to as Crayola-inspired colors, mention is made to how bright and bold colors are spotlighted this time of year. Capri leggings paired with a bright, flowy tank top makes for an athleisure-inspired outfit that is sure to wow. Sandals, a bright purse, and a chunky necklace ensure this once gym-ready outfit becomes a classy, casual ensemble.

Fall and Winter

As an ominous presence cascades every corner, your outfit can offer punctuated undertones of seasonal class that combat any nasty weather. Full-length yoga pants paired with a long-sleeve flannel shirt or sweater matches well with knee-high suede or leather boots. Just do not forget a fashion scarf, and you are ready to tackle the town!
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The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

Conclusively, athleisure wear is becoming more apparent as women realize that looking trendy is easier than they once believed. Fashion lines, like this interview with Kate Hudson, ensure that women have the option to be comfortable while maintaining confidence that is achieved by looking runway ready. Offering items that work well for every season, Fabletics transforms the way that women feel about themselves and their motivation to exercise. When you look good, you feel good. It is basic science, really!

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Lime Crime is Dominating Instagram and Fashion


The makeup line that has appealed to those with a rebel flair and independent mindset is currently blowing up Instagram. By exceeding 2 million followers on the image dominated platform the company is clearly extending its reach and the fantastic influence of its one of a kind founder, Doe Deere. She has been an innovator in the often all too conservative world of fashion for years, making a name for herself by creating the “on lip” lipstick swatch. That would actually display how the cosmetic would look on a person’s lips. It was an eye catcher as was her understanding of the way bright colors and unconventional approaches appeal to many shoppers.

Ecommerce and makeup sales are quickly becoming the exclusive domain of Lime Crime because they are willing to follow the lead of Doe Deere and be creative. Providing people with a forum to learn about fashion and see trends is the secret of the popularity. Unlike many companies that misuse and misjudge the value of social media platforms. They are not just another forum to push your products but a way to connect with the unique people that have an interest in the same types of fashion that Doe Deere and Lime Crime have been producing for years. It is a community that grows because there is a constant engagement with followers.

Doe Deere has been running this maverick company for the past eight years and it has been built from the ground up in her image and having and engaging and original social media presence is a large reason for that success. The audience of followers spans the globe but the one thing they have in common is a unique sense of style and an understanding that fashion is not a trend that is dictated to you from an outside source but rather, an inside feeling that a person shares with the world.

It posts “featured looks” which are posted by fans and are denoted by the #limecrime which automatically posts it on the Twitter feed as well. They are able to show the individuality of nails artwork, or the original use of lipstick. They share these fans pictures to create a sense of community and to show an appreciation for what is possible when people use a little creativity in their lives. The hope is that followers on Instagram are going to be able to fearlessly create their own looks and share them with others as well.

Doe Deere has been a pied piper of her legions of fans that she adoringly refers to as her “unicorns”. It is exactly this kind of connection with the fashion world that has helped her build Lime Crime into one of the most popular makeup companies in the world. She has done this by being unconventional and not letting the fashion world dictate what her cruelty free cosmetics produce for their fans.

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Delicious and Nutritious Beneful Brand Dog Food Varieties

When it comes to choosing the best dog food for your pets, leading the way in the march towards healthy and nutritious food is Beneful by Purina. The Beneful brand dog food is made with textures and tastes your dog will absolutely go crazy for, and the best part is all the ingredients are natural and wholesome.
Wet Varieties of Dog Food
The Beneful brand wet dog food ( has flavor literally bursting from the containers. Your dog will be able to see those delicious chunks of beef, chicken, or pork before the can is emptied in their bowl. Large resealable tubs allow you to use only what your dog will eat and then refrigerate the rest.

Travel Packs of Wet Dog Food
For those owners and pets on the move, Beneful brand wet dog food also comes in a mini-pouch that has delicious thin slices of their favorite meats. These wet meals are accented with wholesome veggies like green beans, carrots, rice, or barley.

Dry Dog Food With Flavor
When it comes to their dry food, Beneful utilizes only 100% natural ingredients that will help your dog thrive and stay on the road to optimal overall health. Dry food comes in many varieties and bag sizes, perfect for dogs both small and large.

Treats that are Healthy for Your Pup
One of the reasons more pet owners are making the switch to this facebook popular brand of dog snacks is because they are crafted with love and then all oven-baked. The baking locks in the flavors, like cheese, bacon, peanut butter, or beef. These treats are available in an airy cracker or shortbread cookie, and will have them begging for more each day. The perfect foods to get your pup to do certain tasks, knowing their reward will help them to thrive and stay healthy.

All brand dog foods and snacks contain ingredients that complete a well-balanced and nutritious diet. The dog food has plenty of omega-rich and antioxidant ingredients. Rest assured knowing today that when you make the switch to Beneful, you are giving your pet real and wholesome ingredients they love.