Dog Food of Choice

Dog food has come a long way over the last few decades and I, for one, am not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I love my dogs. They are always happy, always attentive, and are very much a part of our family. Sometimes I even like them better than other members of my family. I want to feed them healthy and nutritious meals sure, but I’m not sure the family member that eats out of our garbage can when given the opportunity is in a position to appreciate the price on Walmart that can sometimes come at.

Our family has gone through most of the dog food brands over the years, for one reason or another. Our brand of choice is Beneful. It’s easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and our pickier dog hasn’t found a flavor of theirs he hasn’t liked, which is not always the case. We switch between Beneful wet and dry brands throughout the day. The different flavors allows variety when the dogs start to show a little less interest in their dog food bowl over time and more interest in the aforementioned garbage can.

It has the high quality ingredient I want for them while being easy to find in my local store. Convenience is an amazing quality in any product. My dogs are happy with the decision, so why shouldn’t I be?


Skout Gives Back To Hungry People In San Fransisco

New Features Released On Skout

If you haven’t already tried Skout, then you are missing out, but don’t worry about it because Skout is still free to get started. You can easily set up a profile with Skout today, and you’ll have online friends to talk to by tonight. People in your area will be able to find you quickly through Skout, and there are so many friendly people around the world. Skout is available in 180 countries as of now. Most of the world is on Skout, so what are you waiting for? Your new online friends are waiting to talk to you right now.

Talking to people on Skout is fun. It can actually lead to a lot of great friendships and other types of relationships. I have met a few people from Skout, and I feel like we really hit it off. I made a couple of really close friendships that started out as online friendships on Skout’s platform. I’ve also had a few really great dates that happened thanks to Skout. One of the women that I met on Skout has been dating me now for a couple weeks, so I’m delighted to say that this system really works for finding all types of relationships.

The company was founded in San Fransisco, and they continue to give back to their community ever since they started. It’s a great thing to see when a company is committed to making the world a better place so much so that they will work on new and exciting ways to help their community benefit from their progress. PR Newswire recently wrote about what Skout has been doing to help the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank. The developers at Skout decided to launch a fun gift in honor of National Potato Chip Day.  To read more from PR Newswire go here.

Epic Rebuttal Creates Epic Content

Most have heard of the online encyclopedia of information we call Wikipedia, and more often that not most have used the online plethora of knowledge in some way. Recently, there has been a media buzz around a female student being trolled for her content on Wikipedia. The student, Emily Temple-Wood, has been contributing content to the collaborative online encyclopedia since she was just a young girl. Throughout the years of writing Wikipedia content, Emily has been a victim of sexist and abusive messages from trolls of the Wikipedia community. The trolls seem to feed on the fact that Emily is a female, and produces excellent content with her strong female voice via her content writing. Instead of being oppressed by such malevolence, Emily chose to focus her rage on her passion of content writing. WikiProject Women Scientist was born, and now has its own Wikipedia page. WikiProject Women Scientist, by Emily Temple-Wood, is the idea of creating a new Wikipedia page discussing a female scientist for every troll that assaulted her and her content based solely on the fact that she was a woman. It is because of content writers like Emily, that Wikipedia successfully produces the highest quality content available in the online world of knowledge. 

Wikipedia is shaping our world of knowledge in a different way than most collaborative online encyclopedias. By not hiring Wiki editors to create and manage posts, Wikipedia has given power to the public to produce meaningful and creditable content. Wikipedia has gained a strong and honorable reputation in the online community, and produces content that populates in the top 5 Google search returns. Wikipedia is not only an information hub, but can be used as a valuable marketing tool. Wikipedia adds a level of prestige and credibility to any business or brand that wishes to stand on an above average reputation.

In today’s world of demanding schedules and impossible deadlines, finding the time to write the content they wish to publish to the public can come as a challenge to many. Get Your Wiki is available to create and edit authentic material an individual would wish to produce for Wikipedia. From business professionals to non-profits, GetYourWiki will create a Wikipedia page that is guaranteed to be approved for public posting. GetYourWiki is a Wiki writing service also offers customers a monitoring service to ensure that any edits to your page prove to be accurate and benefit the overall objective of your Wikipedia page. With additional service such as translation options and a money-back guarantee, GetYourWiki is the leading provider in Wikipedia business page creation and management. See what GetYourWiki can do for your Wikipedia needs! 

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Fabletics Gets It Right and Consumers are Taking Notice


It is rare for a company to do what Fabletics has managed to do. This is the type of company that has managed to become a staple in the industry in a short amount of time. Kate Hudson is someone that has managed to become the front woman for this slow brewing empire that has become Fabletics.

There are lot of people that know about Fabletics and what this brand represents. There are still others, however, that have never heard of this brand. What Kate Hudson is managing to do is bring this brand to the mainstream. There was no other way to do this than do bring this brand into physical stores.

Fabletics has done quite well on the Internet. With a few commercials and ads it has been easy for this company to establish a fan base on the web. What has not been easy is the expansion to a crowd that doesn’t shop on the Internet. There are still many people that are skeptic about Internet shopping even in this day and age. There are others that may shop online that simply have never heard about this brand. The Internet is the super information highway that has no geographical boundaries. It has limitations, however, that are represented by the social circles that people run in.

In 2015 Kate Hudson won the entrepreneur of the year award. She had FL2 – a men’s clothing line under in play – and the Fabletics brand was brewing. Although Kate was still looking at herself as more of an actress than a businesswoman it was clear that her business senses – much like that of a comic book hero that just seems to know what he knows – were tingling. She knew that she would become the face of Fabletics. She knew that she would eventually expand beyond the Internet after the Internet crowd was saturated. That is what has made her the powerhouse leader that is bound to take this company forward.

Fabletics, in conjunction with JustFab, is all over the place. There are stores opening in up gallerias. There are soaring sales on the Internet. There are commercials featuring Kate Hudson. It is like she has stepped off of the red carpet and still kept her fashion senses in tact for a line of workout clothes. That is a special talent that she has nurtured. Fans are recognizing this, and they really appreciate what this talented actress is doing.

A First Hand Experience of an Up And Coming Line of Hair Products

The WEN Line of Chaz Dean products contains 4 offerings. The first being a 5 in 1 conditioning cleanser, a nourishing mousse, an anti frizz styling creme and a re-moist intensive hair treatment. This product line now available on Amazon was developed in house at the Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. Where the celebrity stylist has tested this line of products on his customers in order to get direct feedback and ensure that his product line meets expectations. The Wen Nourishing Mousse is a very lightweight mixture that provides the hair with a pleasurable soft touch, shine and improves the overall volume of the hair. Usually the traditional mousse’s out there leave behind a sticky and flaky residue which is not something that the Wen nourishing mousse does. There are several features that the mousse provides user and the first is the hair becomes more flexible and a lot more soft to the touch. There is an added volume and shine bringing out its natural colors. There is also an added benefit when blow drying the hair after using the mousse as it leaves extra volume and body which is usually difficult to achieve once blow drying.

To prove that the hair product says what it does, a recent facebook user posted an article on BUSTLE which describes her user experience in great detail. She was very fond of the product and recommends it to anyone who wants to gain more volume and shine when it comes to their hair.


Funding Fueled Expansion Working Well For FreedomPop

There is a company in the cell phone market that is giving away free service. That company is known as FreedomPop. FreedomPop delivers free mobile service to everyday people like you and me. Stephen Stokols the CEO and Co-Founder of FreedomPop talks about the company and the expansion in an interview he did with Dan Meyer of RCR Wireless News.

FreedomPop is expanding into all markets around the globe. With their business model the are not trying to make money with voice, text or data. The reality is the company might even lose some money by giving you a share of this for free. However, their CEO tells us in the interview he isn’t worried and that FreedomPop is still making money in other ways. It’s a unique business model that Stephen talks about openly.

One of the ways that FreedomPop makes money is by adding valuable services. For example, lets say you have some family in Mexico. You might buy a second number that will be local to Mexico and still ring into your FreedomPop phone. When you obtain that second number, FreedomPop makes money. You won’t care that they are making money because they are providing you value and saving you money in the long run.

Another service you might like is roll over data. When you have extra data that is unused, you can pay a small amount and have that data roll over. By selling these value added services, FreedomPop makes money.

It does not matter if you heard the company name before or if they are new to you, they are worth checking out. You can see the whole interview with FreedomPop’s CEO at this link:

Dating on Skout Now Breeds Charity

Skout is widely known as a software industry. However, the name Skout is often attached to the famous dating application that goes by the same name and is developed by the same company. Skout features the ability to separate its audience on the basis of their age, one group constituting of the teenagers and the other group of the adults. For the adult audience, Skout offers the option of turning on one’s location and using the GPS tracking system to locate the people in the nearby areas using the same application.

Thus, it was initially meant to expand the social interactions of people when it was first launched in 2007. A revised version, however, quickly followed in 2009 when the developers of the application realized that their product had gone viral for dating purposes.  This option became quite popular and was soon to be used by Skout to create a positive impact on the world. In the meantime, Skout was rapidly spreading throughout the world, taking into its charm a number of countries (180 according to the most recent surveys) and attracting translators of 14 various languages.

Last year, Skout decided to mark the day when the existence of grilled cheese is celebrated by shaking hands with the Food Bank branch of SF-Marin. According to this agreement, Skout’s users clicked on the various options given on the application and in turn, Skout sent donations to the Bank. By the time the charitable work was completed, a staggering 10,000 people had benefited from the campaign.

The number reflects the strength of the people who go hungry in the areas of San Francisco and Marin, and Skout aims to give them, at least, one good dinner. For this purpose, the fourteenth of March this year saw Skout draw up a similar agreement, yet again with the Food Bank, this time in the celebration of the existence of potato chips. A click on a bag containing potato chips on the screen as a present to a loved one would send real donations to the Bank. The complete story is given here:

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Doe Deere’s Outlook On Beauty

Doe Deere has a very unique outlook on beauty and life. Doe Deere is also a very strong woman. She sticks to her personal beliefs in the face of opposition. The Lime Crime founder and CEO recently shared her view on beauty in a very revealing article. Her view on beauty is the unicorn way. Outrageous, wild, and exciting. Certainly, this is very apparent in the vivid and sensuous line of makeup that Lime Crime produces. The fact is that Doe Deere has always been very vocal about the fashion world and beauty world. Finally, she reveals her top fashion and beauty rules to break to the world.

Breaking Traditional Rules
Doe Deere revealed that breaking traditional rules is very empowering for the individual. Breaking rules gives one a feeling of inner strength and builds self confidence in one’s ability to make good decisions. Doe Deere is the new face of beauty and shares a few of her top rules to break on a regular basis. For example, the unicorn queen loves vibrant colors. Of course, this is very apparent in her Lime Crime makeup line. Doe Deere loves mixing velvety red lips with deep crimson eye shadows. Other rules that she breaks regularly include mixing several colors together. The more colors, the more expressive. Deere also loves mixing several patterns together. Her wardrobe is filled with casual to high fashion patterns that she loves to mix and match.

About Doe Deere
Thousands of Doe Deere followers would like the inside scoop on the unicorn queen. The fact is that Doe Deere started out like any ordinary girl. She was born in Russia and raised in New York City. She was always fascinated by colors, beauty, makeup, and fashion. Doe Deere was surprised by the lack of vivid and vibrant colors in the cosmetic world. She decided to start her own cosmetic line featuring colors that were unique and fun. Lime Crime was created back in 2008 out of that desire.

Doe Deere is a true inspiration to young women with dreams of their own. Doe Deere strongly believes in following your dreams and never giving up on that dream. Doe Deere started out small and quickly became a sensation online. She enlisted her love of crazy colors and vibrant blends to build a name for herself. Thousands started viewing her Lime Crime makeup site. She soon realized that her crazy colors in lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadow were catching fire online. Doe Deere is the perfect example of a true entrepreneur that followed her dream and built a successful cosmetic empire.

Doe Deere is a supporter of women in business. She believes that there should be more women starting their own business. Deere is also a frequent speaker on women in business at various media events across the country. She welcomes contact with young entrepreneurs through her social media sites.

Skout’s Survey Published On Uloop About Random Kindness

Have you been doing kind things throughout February? Maybe you were not aware of it, but it was Random Act of Kindness Week from February 15th to the 20th. If you didn’t get a chance to perform your big act of random kindness for someone that you didn’t know (i.e. buying a coffee for a stranger on a whim), then you can still join in on the kindness. For many of us, the kindness acts don’t end. The week of kindness celebration is definitely a nice way to introduce people to the fact that we are all in this world together. The more that we help each other enjoy our days on this planet, the better the planet is for all of us.

You should know that there was a survey that was performed on a social media application in order to access how well people are engaging in kind acts. The survey was presented by the social media group called Skout. The group is in charge of introducing people to each other from all over the world. The world is a huge place, and it is filled with people who want to talk to each other. Skout is a great place to meet new individuals that just might share something in common with yourself. If you go on to Skout, then you will see people with things in common with you and there will surely be people who you learn something new from.

Skout had a survey that was published on Uloop’s website. The results were quite interesting, so I thought I would share them with others in this posting. The results make me want to do more random acts of kindness. Did you know that 51 percent of people, according to the survey, are engaging in these types of kind acts towards strangers every day. Isn’t that inspiring to hear?

Skout is easy to use. People set up profiles on Skout constantly. You never know who you are going to run into on the platform. There are so many different types of people to meet. You can make lifelong friends on their app, or you can make online friends, or you could find someone special to date. If you want to read the article, find it here.

Famous YouTubers Dedicated to Beauty

There are probably thousands of famous YouTubers that dedicate their channel to beauty and more. They are famous for a number of reasons. Generally, those with the most unique approach and videos achieve instant fame. Some of the most famous YouTubers are dedicated to providing information about Asian beauty and products that are dedicated to helping the Asian beauty achieve the type of look that she desires. They supply regular tips, advice, tutorials, and more on the latest beauty trends. One of the top Asian beauty channels on YouTube is Wengie.

Wengie is definitely one of the top YouTube channels that you should watch. Wendy Huang is the name of the young woman that is behind the wonderful world of wengie. Wengie is an Australian with one of the most popular Asian beauty channels on YouTube. The Australian based beauty expert likes to share all the information that she has collected over the years with her subscribers. She loves to share advice about Asian beauty products and advice on all the popular new trends happening around the world. Wengie loves sharing information about the latest Asian products with her Asian fans. She feels that there is a lot of information about American and Australian products, but very little about the Asian market. Today, she is totally obsessed with bringing this important information to Asian readers through her hauls and beauty tutorials.

A lot of Wengie’s fans would like to know about her start. Well, she stared out online working with a digital marketing firm. She helped clients to start their own blogs and to get connected with other social media sites. Soon, Wengie thought about starting her own blogs and sharing beauty tips and advice. Of course, Wengie decided to start her own blogs and YouTube channels about beauty. She states that more people should just stop and see the beauty in their own surroundings.