Kyle Bass is Not The Man We Once Thought He Was

If the name Kyle Bass sounds familiar its because he was the guy who was credited with accurately predicting the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. For a while, many looked at him as a superstar.

That quickly changed as Bass started to make one bad call after another. The guy would literally get on TV, spew out bad information and hope that people would buy in so he could increase his bottom line.

To say he was and still is a dirty business man does not even begin to tell the whole story. Several months ago Kyle Bass was involved in a scheme so morally offensive the government had to step in and figure out a way to shut him down.

The scheme, though very simple, had the potential to devastate the lives of millions of Americans.

To make his scheme work, Bass first created a front organization known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. He then teamed up with the most notorious patent troll in the world, Erich Spangenberg.

Together they would pick out certain pharmaceutical companies, short sell the stocks, and then use the front organization to challenge at least one patent associated with the pharmaceutical company.

And while they were raking in millions, hundreds of thousands of Americans were put in a position where they could no longer afford their medications.

But do you think Bass cared that he was causing those who were sick to suffer even more? Of course he didn’t. As a matter of fact, when he was called out on this scam he had the audacity to say he was doing it for a noble reason.

Really? What could possibly be noble about hurting people who rely on their medication to live?

And as far as his stock market analysis goes, no one should hold that in high regard any longer. Not unless you are okay with putting money in the hands of a cold blooded criminal.

Marcio Alaor Discusses Advancements At Apple


Marcio Alaor reviews many companies and business trends on his blog, and his most recent entry on his blog explains how Apple is pushing the technology industry forward. Brazil is advancing every year with help from companies like Apple, and Apple is releasing brand new technology that will help the common iPhone user every day. This article explains Marcio Alaor’s views on Apple and their new technology that is coming to Brazil.

#1: Force Touch

The Force Touch technology allows users to press their screens to access many different commands. The commands on the phone are accessed based on how hard someone presses their screen, and Apple is working on technology that will allow users to access several different menus using differing levels of intensity. Users who do not have two hands free may use their thumbs to depress the screen, and Marcio believes that Force Touch is a revelation in technology.

#2: Emotient

Emotient is a company that creates artificial intelligence technology for many different applications. The people who use Emotient technology are gaining better search results on their phones, and the AI may be used in a number of other places. Apple has AI that helps people use their phones more effectively, and Emotient simply makes the AI more appealing for Apple.

The $8 million raised to help purchase Emotient shows that Emotient is onto something. The company is a powerful acquisition that Apple may use in all its products, but most users will find that Apple is using Emotient technology in their search engines on phones and tablets. Everyone who uses an iPhone today will begin to feel the impact of the Emotient acquisition when the iOS software is updated.

#3: Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software from Apple will help its users protect their data, and the software will ensure that a user’s mood may be tracked. Tracking a user’s mood will help unlock certain apps on each phone that makes the phone more useful, and people who are getting instant customer service from their phones are more likely to be happy customers overall.

#4: Apple’s Value Is Growing

Apple’s value continues to grow, and Marcio believes that App is a wise investment for all his clients. There are clients who are looking for solid ways to invest their money, and Apple appears to be so powerful that its stock price will continue to rise over the years.

The wisest investments Marcio’s clients make will help quite a lot of money, and he has studied to new technology from Apple for his clients.

2 Fashion Rules Doe Deere Believes Every Woman Should Break

While most young girls anxiously wait for their favorite fashion magazine to reveal the fashion rules of the season, Doe Deere is busy making her own. While fashion and beauty rules are great for those times when you aren’t sure about your look, they aren’t binding and shouldn’t be looked at as the end all be all.

So with that being said, here are 2 rules Doe Deere believes every woman should break:

Rule #1 – You Must Avoid Mixing Too Many Patterns

While some women are born with an innate sense of style and can mix patterns with ease, not all of us have that ability. Even still, that doesn’t mean you should avoid mixing too many patterns.

According to Deere, “Patterns are fun! And the more, the merrier.” When it boils down to it, there is no right or wrong way to pair patterns. You can pair them by color scheme or by complimenting each other.

If you aren’t quite sure which patterns to mix and match, staying within the same family of colors is a great way to eliminate confusion.

Rule #2 – You Can’t Wear Socks With Open-Toed Shoes

Deere is a self proclaimed socks and tights addict. In her eyes, wearing socks with open-toed shoes or heels is wonderfully stylish. Her advice is to look at your socks and shoes as partners. The goal is to pick the ones that will work the best together.

Deere is the owner of over 100 pairs of socks. And to her, no outfit is complete unless you have the perfect pair of socks to go along with it. Don’t be afraid to wear socks that have a contrasting toe. Having that extra bit of color may be just what you need to bring your outfit together.

Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is the founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Through her cosmetics line, she is on a mission to show the world that make up can be used for much more than covering up imperfections. It can also be used as a way to express ones self and freely define what beauty means.

She is challenging what beauty really is. She believes beauty is not about what “looks best”, but rather what makes you feel your best at an given moment.

Tag Heuer Embarks On A New Journey


With over 150 years of existence, the Tag Heuer is recognized worldwide as one of the largest and best watchmaking, with special emphasis on their targeted parts to the sporting style that still earn more fame when they are used by major celebrities, especially athletes which are sponsored by the brand. Many models of brand watches are famous internationally, with emphasis on the Aquaracer, Link, Carrera and Formula 1. The Swiss company does not hide that has big ambitions in Brazil, and that is exactly what Marcio Alaor, Brazilian and executive manager of Banco BMG notices.


Marcio Alaor begins by quoting the CEO of Tag Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, which since December 2014 is in command of the company’s shares and is a true enthusiast of the brand, always showing extremely determined to make the company grow more and invest in new projects, leading to their customers with each new release even better clocks. The executive of Banco BMG highlights the true passion that has Biver for new possibilities and alternatives, since he is always in search of great innovations. Marcio Alaor gives emphasis to the fact that in addition to being ahead of Swiss watchmaking , the CEO also has extremely important role in the LVMH group, which is responsible for the watches division. This dual action confirms the competence of Biver, because only someone with great ability would be able to occupy two positions with the efficiency and the prestige he has.


The Tag Heuer recently announced Tom Brady, football star, as its new ambassador, which is most certainly an excellent advertising strategy of the company Swiss , news executive of Banco BMG. That’s because Brady is currently one of the most popular sports in the United States and several other countries, says Marcio Alaor. In parallel presentation of the player as an ambassador, the company released a new version of the Carrera model, whose main characteristic sportsmanship and cost approximately US $ 4500, tells the executive of Banco BMG. The model is one of the most desired brand and always gets special attention, given that it was based on the company launched a great novelty.

Marcio Alaor points out that it was based on the Carrera Tag Heuer created and presented in an official way the Connected Watch. The launch was one of the great innovations in the watch market in recent years, as the smartwatch the Swiss company, and has all the quality already recognized brand, grew out of a partnership between Tag Heuer, Intel and Google. Competence in manufacturing excellent company watches led by Biver combined with large capacity that Intel and Google have to present to the market major technological innovations makes it clear that the new smartwatch has the potential to dominate the smart watch market, cites the executive of the Bank BMG.


Marcio Alaor reports a recent interview that Biver gave EXAMINATION. At the time, it was the first time in Brazil as CEO of Swiss brand, says the executive of Banco BMG. At that time, the company was making a re-submission in the country, which was marked by the launch of a watch in honor of Ayrton Senna. Marcio Alaor news that the Brazilian idol of many here and people around the world, was honored not only for its representation in sport and in society at large, but also because, when Ayrton was a pilot, always wore watches brand, which was his sponsor, says the executive of Banco BMG. In conversation with the EXAM, Biver said that Brazil is the main market of Tag Heuer in Latin America and the Swiss watchmaking want to steadily expand their activities here. In addition, he also said some very interesting things about his vision of the digital world and technology in general.

The CEO said the company changed its market tactics to adapt and be more present and active in digital media, which increased the amount of the mark, as he pointed out that the online media currently represent a great way for the expansion of Activity in the market. Marcio Alaor highlights that Biver said the company had no choice because it would need to track customers, since the company did not seek this approach would not have the desired results. And as currently the world is essentially digital, Tag Heuer had to follow this trend or would be away from his followers.

Just for your firm and objective language, Biver is currently one of the main references when it comes to Tag Heuer watches and the market, since it always makes strong statements that deserve the attention of all those involved in the matter. The executive of Banco BMG highlights are some of the CEO EXAMINATION excerpts.


Marcio Alaor starts highlighting the part of the conversation in which Biver was asked about the fact that the company, which has always had parts that were produced with many extremely complicated details, have decreased this past and to launch simpler models. The executive of Banco BMG reports that the CEO pointed out that watches with great sophistication Tag Heuer were produced and sold in small numbers from 30 to 50 units, which ended up causing them to be just prototypes. Thus, the company saw the need to expand this production because the high watchmaking parts should become part of a collection.

Thus, the brand realized that he could make a few thousand of these watches and reach a greater number of sales. Marcio Alaor reports that the CEO said that it came to be because production of low volume of some models are brands specializing in unique pieces, which is not the case with Tag Heuer, as the company has many customers around the world and more than 4500 dealers, which would require the production of a considerable number of watches to satisfy all consumers, reports the executive of Banco BMG.


Marcio Alaor notes that Biver was also asked about what he thinks about the influence of very famous people in the marketing activities of the group. The executive of BMG recalls that some celebrities well known as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ayrton Senna and Tom Brady, are constantly linked in the advertising campaigns of the brand. The CEO pointed out that this is very relevant because these people are idols to many others around the world. They are followed by millions of fans leadership. He cited the fact that it is common to see children wearing Cristiano Ronaldo shirts.

Marcio Alaor cites Biver said the identification of people with a particular brand, team or celebrity makes famous ambassadors always bring to companies the expected return, because everyone wants to be somehow connected to famous people. The executive of Banco BMG recalls that the CEO stressed that if someday people lose this identification with either brands or celebrities, companies will need to review their strategies. However, currently, this campaign template’s what else works.


Asked about the importance of online media , which grows more and already have a large representation in the market, Biver said that this means, including social networks, is essential in today’s world, it is through it that the new generation more interacts. Marcio Alaor gives emphasis to the part where the CEO was asked if he believes in online sales. The executive of Banco BMG highlights that Biver pondered the question of distance and safety in internet shopping. He said that when the nearest shop is far from the consumer, is extremely convenient that he has the option of making the purchase online.

However, Marcio Alaor also recalls that the CEO pointed out that there is still some uncertainty in buying, for example, a product of US $ 10 000 online, because the guarantees are less than the purchase personally.


Marcio Alaor notes that Biver said Tag Heuer will be much more active, aggressive and dynamic in Brazil, as the country is the most important market for the company on the continent. The executive of Banco BMG highlights the CEO’s statement in which he says that besides the Brazilians know and love the brand, the greatest hero of the company, Ayrton Senna is Brazilian, which requires a different look from the Tag Heuer for the country. He also stressed that the Brazilian consumer is very passionate, emotional and connected with the trends.

Marcio Alaor serves as the executive vice president at BMG. This top bank specializes in personal and payroll loans. He was born in Santo Antonio do Monte and is a household name in the Brazilian finance arena.