Retailer Giant Partners with HASBRO to Celebrate the Premier of Bumblebee has no doubt captured the reigns of the retailing industry in China, with a revenue of over 1.3 trillion yuan in 2017, is considered to be the leading force in innovation and customer service within the retailing world. In keeping with their innovative business model, has announced that they will be partnering up with Toy company HASBRO in order to celebrate the premiere of the Transformers spinoff movie BUMBLEBEE into Chinese theaters.

This, although is not the first time these two companies have partnered up with eachother, in fact, in 2017 and HASBRO, would premiere a mini short to promote the upcoming Transformers movie that was set to premiere. The mini short featured The Red Knight (a Exclusive) and Optimus Prime fighting against enemy drones to protect an Energon fuel deposit. This year the two will once again introduce to the public an additional three mini shorts that similar to the previous ones but now protecting an HLA (A Chinese menswear clothing store).

The Bumblebee movie, which is set to premiere in Chinese theaters on January 4th, 2019 will be set in the late 1980s. Hailee Steinfeld will portray the character of Charlie, a small town California girl and her hunt for a used car. When she discovers an old beat up VW Bug in a junkyard, Charlie soon realizes that her little Bug is actually Transformer Bumblee in hiding after being injured in a battle.

In addition to mini shorts, HASBRO has announced that they will also introduce a limited time run toy of’s The Red Knight. will also take part in the celebration by having a limited sale on all HASBRO, Panasonic and HLA Bumblebee merchandise. The “Super BUMBLEBEE Day” will be opened during premiere day and will be available to over 300 million of their customers.’s: Twitter

Matt Badiali Explains What Freedom Checks Are

Investment expert and economist Matt Badiali have had Americans scratching their heads in a viral video he released pertaining a new investment instrument. The instrument dubbed “Freedom Checks” is something unique. Most people don’t know about investment and believe you me many people would like to know what they are. If you think the government’s Medicare, Social Security or 401(k) is the real deal, then freedom checks are a better deal than all of them. Freedom checks can be three to four times the size of average social security payments. The good thing about them is also the fact that they do not have income or age restrictions in order to collect them. The company’s which can issue these freedom checks can operate tax-free under “Statue 26-F”. However, they must meet these two conditions: 90% of their revenue must be based on production, processing, transportation of oil and gas in the United States.

They must agree to issue these lucrative checks to its shareholders. To start with, Matt Badiali stumbled on this concept while traversing the world in an effort to find new discoveries, technologies, and trends in natural resources. It is during this project that Matt came to know of the Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), a select group of 568 firms that are authorized to issue the checks. This 568 group of companies meet Statue 26-F and were enacted in 1987 to legally issue the checks. This group of companies explores new oil and gas fields and transport oil and gas though vast pipeline networks. They also refine oil and gas from the Marcellus Shale, Permian Shale, Bakken Shale, and other key oil and gas fields in the United States. The major aspect of these companies is that they must pay 90% of their income to its investors.

This payment is what is referred to as freedom Checks. MLPs monthly or quarterly payments are called “distributions”. These distributions are equivalent to the traditional company stock dividends. MLPs are treated as a return of capital rather than income and thus are exempted from income taxes. In case one opts to sell their MLP investment, profits from such a sale are taxable at the lower capital gains percentage rate. For investors who want to get their checks, buying MLPs is just as easy as buying shares. Payments can also be received through the mail or deposited directly to the investor’s brokerage account. According to Matt, the distributions are commonly in sizable amounts. He points out that these checks do pay twice or thrice the amount paid by conservative investment instruments.

James River Capital Leadership Lessons



James River Capital was founded in 1986 in Richmond, Virginia. The key proponents of this financial organization were Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. The corporation basically operates as an investment advisor company. Paul Saunders is a holder of a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Through years of experience working in various financial firms such as Peabody and Co. his career progressed with time went ahead to become the president of KP Futures Management. Since James River Capital has experienced leaders, it can be trusted to give sound financial advice. The following are some of the leadership lessons from James River Capital.


Leadership Lessons


Subsequently, in order to become a proficient leader its important that you incorporate all the character traits associated with great leadership. You should be prepared to take time and appreciate the skill and patience necessary to improve your leadership style. James River Capital proposed the following changes to achieve this:


Participative Leadership


You should always endeavor to support team efforts rather than be the center of command. Once you take a step to acknowledge others and realize that their efforts also matter, you create a strong teamwork culture.


Encourage Transparency within your Team


If employees fear the management they tend to withhold critical information that may affect the outcome of results within the company. James River Capital proposes that you encourage escalation and show appreciation. Secondly, allow every employee space to express their views.


Consider Varied Opinions


If you take into consideration the opinions of all the members within a firm, you create an opportunity for your company to grow. Because some of the members may be introverts, you can ask them to create a list of concerns beforehand and then present them during a meeting. Make it your goal to identify those that do not usually participate proactively in meetings and try to gauge them to be more active. This means that you will be able to lead through support rather than delegation.




Leadership is considered as both science and an art. Thus, mastering good leadership skills is a process that will take time. Great leaders do not force their opinions onto people rather they try and grow together with those that they lead. Hence, for you to become a great leader you should always strive to first listen, then engage those that you want to lead in constructive dialogue. Learn more:


Oren Frank – Creating Ease of Access in the World of Psychotherapy

People who are in dire need of psychotherapy often have a hard time approaching it because of the difficulty and fear faced by a patient. The idea of walking into an office and pouring your heart out sitting right in front of a complete stranger was a difficult one to imagine let alone execute and left a lot of people procrastinating on it. Addressing this very problem, CEO Oren Frank started a company by the name of Talkspace in the year 2012. The purpose of the company was simple, to provide professional psychotherapy to billions of people around the world with ease by making use of their mobile phones.

Recently, Oren Frank Has decided to take the next step in the company’s journey by hiring a Chief Medical Officer. Assuming the role of Chief Medical Officer at Oren Frank’s company is Neil Leibowitz, a former United Health Senior Medical Director. The Arrival of Neil Leibowitz means that the physicians at Talkspace will be able to provide a prescription for medication when required. With anxiety and depression reaching dangerous levels in young people the company will be focusing even more extensively on mental health and has also changed its policy of not intervening during an emergency such as one where a patient could be harmed. Employees are now encouraged to find contact information during such times. Connect Oren Frank on Twitter

CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank is very passionate about his work and takes it to his twitter account to talk about various mental health problems and its causes and effects. In some of his recent tweets he has pointed out important issues such as how to convince a victim of mental illness to seek help, how today’s teens suffer from loneliness stress cyberbullying and various such social problems and even shared an article explaining the actual cost (in numbers) that declining mental health will have on finance and economy around the world.

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OSI Group: Expanding Its Operations Beyond Chicago

International expansion is a vital strategy for various food as well as beverage companies that look forward to growing their bottom lines. Since there are fewer opportunities to expand America’s market share, overseas markets provide various opportunities with the increasing average population that is thirsty for high-quality products. Nevertheless, with expansion comes various risks including policies stipulated in every state, supply chain, and disruptions. Identifying and analyzing these risk factors of global expansion in food production and supply can determine the overall success of an organization. As portrayed by OSI Group, global expansion is one of the leading strategies that food production companies should delve into in search for success.

OSI Group started as a small butcher shop in Chicago when Otto Kolschowksy the founder had just moved to the city. He was one of the immigrants who made up one-quarter of the town’s population at that moment. Since the city was known as the primary business center in which many immigrants established their businesses, it also became the entry point for significant business professionals who aspired to grow their brands. After settling in Chicago, Otto Kolschowsky penetrated Maywood with his business. Many people knew him as the man who supplied high-quality meat and animal protein products. He also developed an excellent reputation as one of the best entrepreneurs in the city. Mr. Kolschowsky would later introduce his sons to the business. They served as project managers in charge of general operations.

Over the years, OSI Group adopted technology thereby launching various branches in the city and across the country. It also hired executive leaders such as Sheldon Lavin who joined the firm as the CEO. Lavin has since contributed to the development of the company by initiating various projects such as the acquisition of Dutch-based Baho Food, which added to the expansion of the brand in Germany. The food manufacturing facility has five affiliates including Gelderland Frischwarenm and Q Smart Life. OSI Group is now one of the high-quality food providers in the world. It boasts of having more than 20,000 employees and about 65 facilities in 17 countries.

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Matthew Fleeger: Oil, Tanning, And Waste Management Entrepreneur

Matthew Fleeger is involved in many different industries including waste management, tanning, and natural resources. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western which is based in Dallas, Texas and does business in the Gulf Coast region with domestic reserves of oil and gas. The company has been successful under his leadership and will continue to grow in the future.

He graduated from Southern Methodist University where he earned his undergraduate degree in business in 1986. Mathew Fleeger’s father had founded Gulf Coast Western in 1970 before he took over the position of CEO. Being raised in the industry, it doesn’t come as much surprise that he would earn the education needed to run such a business. While earning his BA, he focuses on marketing and finance as he knew the skills would be essential in the industry.

After he graduated, Matthew Fleeger worked with different companies in the industry along with Gulf Coast Western. He also founded a company of his own known as MedSolutions, Inc. in 1993. MedSolutions focuses on dealing with different aspects of medical waste including treatment, transportation, and disposal. The company became one of the leaders in medical waste management in their region before Matthew Fleeger made the decision to sell it to Stericycle.

After selling MedSolutions for $59 million, he made the decision to get back into the industry that his father had introduced him to. He became Gulf Coast Western’s Chief Executive Officer and President. Before joining his father’s company, he had already gained a substantial amount of experience in the areas of mergers and acquisitions which proved useful in helping to grow the company. Matthew Fleeger helped to found the tanning companies Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Mystic tan is not the biggest franchise of spray tanning in the entire world.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest: A Man With Many Jobs

American Idol made its return during the spring of 2018, and Ryan Seacrest was right there with a microphone in hand to host the new season. The return of American Idol drew a big enough audience that another show will air in 2019. In the meantime, Ryan Seacrest has plenty of other jobs to keep him busy.

Seacrest fills his weekday mornings sitting next to Kelly Rippa. Ryan Seacrest was hired as a co-host and executive producer after Michael Strahan left the show. Live with Kelly and Ryan can be seen weekday mornings.

Ryan Seacrest is also the host of the number one syndicated Los Angeles morning radio show. He also hosts a syndicated Top 40 radio show. His hosting duties do not end there. He is also the host of the annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He hosts a number of award shows too, including the E! Live on The Red Carpet.

Ryan Seacrest is also an entrepreneur. He has his own men’s clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, that is sold exclusively at Macy’s. Seacrest also has his own skin line called Polished by Dr. Lancer. Seacrest has formed a partnership with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

Also, on Seacrest’s resume is his own production company. His award-winning production company named Ryan Seacrest Productions produces many television shows that include Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I Love Kellie Pickler and more. The company has also produced shows for Netflix, YouTube, and more. Seacrest has also produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which has won an Emmy.

Ryan Seacrest also believes that it is important to give back. His foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, has placed media broadcasting centers in 10 pediatric hospitals across the country. The media centers allow children to learn and have fun while dealing with their illness. Seacrest is also on the board of the Country Museum of Art located in Los Angeles and is the Grammy Foundation’s honorary chairperson.

The Loves of Zeco Auriemo

It was during his teenage years before joining the JHSF team that Jose Auriemo Neto participated in the International Youth Coexistence in Japan and also spent time in Europe being trained in horseback riding. He officially became employed at JHSF, a family owned company, when he was 17. It was also during this same year that Zeco Auriemo began studying Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Sao Paulo, with the intention of following this career path. However, in the end, he decided to follow in his father Fabio Auriemo’s, co-founder and CEO of JHSF, footsteps.

He had not been with the company long before it first turned its attention to incorporation in the mid-90s. Early last decade two big things happened for Jose Auriemo Neto, he led the way for JHSF to enter the retail industry and also became the president of JHSF, see ( At this time he was just under 30-years-of-age. Three years later he was also made its CEO. Not long afterward he led the way for the company to start developing and constructing luxury malls. It first luxury mall complex was enormous and was a huge financial success.

Besides the substantial shopping area, it includes residential buildings, various commercial buildings, and academies. Today, while most of its projects are in Brazil, it has extended its work outside of its borders to Punta del Este, Uruguay, and New York. Auriemo’s top priority in all things is his wife and to children. In his rare spare time, he enjoys playing golf, click

Rebel Wilson: The Newest Star of Cats The Movie

Australian actress Rebel Wilson is currently one of the most popular female comediennes now in Hollywood – most know for her hilarious role as “Fat Amy” in the Pitch Perfect movie series, as a boss lady singer who always gets his way.

Her charming personality, adorable face and relatable humor has garnered her millions of adoring fans around the world. Her career is just about to approach full bloom as she stars as the “Old Gumbie Cat” Jennyanydots in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, Cats. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Cats is a classic musical that is timeless and is cordial in all generations. The 1981 musical production was first directed by Trevor Nunn and had the choreography done by the amazing Gillian Lynne. Cats is loved by all audiences from anywhere around the world – it concerns and revolves around a story of a tribe of cats, the “Jellicles” a nd the dilemma of the approaching night that they make their “Jellicle choice” – which is a ceremony on which cat will be chosen to be promoted and ascended to the Heaviside Layer – and be resurrected to a new life. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Again, Cats is a timeless musical, which makes them the fourth running longest musical in all of Broadway History, it was also the longest running Broadway production from 1197 until the year 2006 – and its excellence in art, music and production has garnered them numerous wards in two of the most prestigious Broadway awarding bodies – the Laurence Olivier Awards and the Tony Awards. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

With the recognition that the musical production has achieved, they have done numerous tours all around the world and has been translated and done in over twenty languages.

Cats is a powerhouse musical production which rightly deserves a movie adaptation of its own – and it deserves a rightfully powerhouse cast. The Cats movie adaptation is the perfect avenue for Rebel Wilson to showcase her singing prowess and her charming comedy. She is set to play as Jennyanydots, a “mice mentor” that teaches mice to learn music, chochet, and tatting.

The Cats adaptation will also star Idris Alba, Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, James Corden, Steven Mcrae, Frencesca Hawards and Ian Mckellen – the cast will also be accompanied by the Royal Ballet principal dancers.

The movie adaptation of Cats has been i the dreams of Steven Spielberg for almost three decades now and at this present age, it is now about to come to life.

The movie industry and Hollywood better buckle their seatbelts because Rebel Wilson, along with the whole cast of the movie adaptation of Cats, is about to blow everyone’s minds. And as of now, Rebel Wilson is just getting started – we have yet to see her in full bloom and everybody is absolutely anxious for her best season by far.

A Little About Guilherme Paulus And CVC

Guilherme Paulus is one of Brazil’s most successful businesspersons. When he started out he was an intern for IBM. He was approached by a businessman who had money. He decided to lay the groundwork for the partnership which began CVC Travel Agency. This is one of the most successful travel agencies in Brazil.

Paulus on behalf of CVC has acquired other travel agencies in Brazil. He has turned those into successful travel agencies under the CVC umbrella. As late as early September, CVC acquired 2 travel agencies in Argentina. They acquired 60% of each one. They acquired Travel and Tourism Services Biblos and Ola Transatlantica Tourismo. Travel and Tourism Services Biblos was acquired for $5.375 million USD. Ola Transatlantica Tourismo was acquired for $14.040 million USD.

Aside from being the founder of CVC Travel Agency, Guilherme Paulus is the founder and Chairman of GJP Hotels and Resorts. Paulus takes pride in having founded both the CVC and GJP Hotels and Resorts. There are over 90 thousand who have walked through the doors of GJP since he opened his first hotel.

Read more: Como o bilionário Guilherme Paulus pretende se tornar o maior hoteleiro do Brasil

Guilherme Paulus has created the largest travel agency in Brazil. He did this from the ground up. Paulus helped to get CVC off the ground by doing the legwork to get it opened. He selected the location for the first agency and did all the necessary work to get it going.

Guilherme Paulus did not go to college. He seized the opportunity to get CVC off the ground when he was just an IBM intern and had no money. After that, he opened the doors of his first hotel. The rest is as they say history. Paulus never imagined that his hotels and travel agency would be such a success.

When Paulus and CVC purchased the tourist companies in Argentina they expect the tourism in Argentina to rise. They expect there will be an increase in the revenue brought in by the 2 travel agencies. When they were looking into buying the travel agencies they looked into Argentina because of the financial crises going on there. They expect to help the 2 agencies grow.

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