The Controversial Presidential Pardon of a Disgraceful Leader- Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio’s pardon by president Trump stands out as one of the most disputable presidential pardons in America’s history. The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America served at the Maricopa County, Arizona.

His tenure was marked by wicked acts and oppressive leadership that saw two renowned journalists known as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin unfairly imprisoned.

The two were captured under mysterious circumstances over a decade ago in Maricopa County. The agents from the Selective Enforcement Unit from Maricopa County arrested Lacey and Larkin from their homes in Phoenix, Arizona under the instructions of Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Further, the two journalists were allegedly imprisoned due to the charges pressed against them of exposing details concerning investigations of the grand-jury.

At the time, both journalists were working with a local newspaper that was known as the Village Voice Media where Larkin served as the executive editor while Larkin was the CEO.

On the day of their arrest, the Village Voice Media had publicized on issues surrounding the investigation of the grand jury. The grand jury had been investigating on the newspaper as Joe Arpaio had grown increasingly frustrated due to the extensive coverage of the publication on his rule at Maricopa.

About Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio, an 85-year-old sheriff had served in the Maricopa County for 24 years after winning six consecutive elections since 1992. According to Michael Lacey and his colleague Jim Larkin, his term in office was one that was full of clear abuse of office. He mistreated immigrants, women, and inmates from Tent City which was on many occasions highlighted by the several publications.

What’s more, Joe Arpaio had in several instances been warned on the legally admissible issues that had been raised but did not change. An example is where a judge by the name Murray Snow informed Arpaio that it was unnecessary to detain immigrants on the grounds of being a suspect which still were ignored by the sheriff. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Furthermore, Joe Arpaio continued with the oppressive rule until the situation was highlighted by the journalists who included Lacey and Larkin. They propelled the news to reach a wider audience as they exposed about the intolerable leadership of Arpaio to the U.S. public which led to their arrest during a time when only their publication was reporting about Arpaio.

On the contrary, their arrest helped in the national coverage of the sheriff’s malpractices as the local media shifted its focus on the ongoing about the journalists’ imprisonment which saw their release.

About Lacey and Larkin’s Background Career

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were university students from the Arizona State University in the early 70s. They dropped out to join a publication that was known as the Phoenix New Times before establishing their own paper, the New Times.

They were passionate journalists and their publication continued to do well over the years where they eventually covered Arpaio’s rule which led to their arrest.

Nevertheless, they were both released after 24 hours and filled a lawsuit against Arpaio for wrongly arresting them and were awarded $ 3.75 million in 2013. Equally important, the money received by the two was used to start the Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund for helping the Latin- American individuals in the State of Arizona.

Jeremy Goldsteins Knowledge And Insights Have Placed Him On The Path To Success

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in an exclusive law firm. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is committed to advising management teams, compensation and business committees and CEO’s in matters of executive compensation and corporate governance.

These are issues specifically arising due to numerous sensitive issues as well as the context for transformative business events.

Jeremy Goldstein serves the Sub-Committee of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Business Section of the American Bar Association as the Chairman. During the last decade, he has been responsible for the majority of the large corporate deals.

He is additionally one of the United States leading attorneys for executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein began his education at the New York University where he earned his J.D. He also attended the University of Chicago and Cornell University where he earned his M.A.

Jeremy Goldstein decided to open a law firm due to the talk regarding executive compensation in governance circles about ten years ago. He watched numerous consulting firms leave the larger organizations.

This was when he decided the market place needed a law firm in this sector. His work involves advising clients regarding their careers and their pay. He spends a lot of his time drafting, negotiating and advising. This requires dedication to his work. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Advocates for shareholder rights have gained numerous governance modifications since the last millennium. Jeremy Goldstein believes this has made the worlds of executive compensation governance and general governance much more stable.

This has enabled executives, companies and committees to concentrate on driving corporate performance instead of being concerned about new rules for the best practice. He believes this has led to many thoughtful discussions regarding performance, strategy and linking pay.

Jeremy Goldstein believes an attorney must know their clients to be able to provide good advice. He puts in the effort to first develop and then maintain his relationships with his clients. He talks to them on a regular basis even if no active matters are present. He sees them both professionally and socially when possible.

He has learned to view any setback as an opportunity. He said some of the worst things that ever occured in his life turned out to be some of the best possible situations.

Jeremy Goldstein believes new technology should be pursued aggressively. He also feels it is important to have an interest in people.

This means calling, keeping in touch, following up or sending an email. He believes if people are aware he is interested they will ask him for advice.

Whitney Wolfe Empathise’s With Men And Feelings Of Rejection

In this society, men are expected to make the moves when it comes to everything. They are also expected to initiate everything when it comes to dating. This is one thing that is made even more apparent in online dating. However, Whitney Wolfe has seen that this is not doing much good for women. This is one of the inspirations for Bumble.

However, it is not just women that Whitney Wolfe wanted to change the dating market. She has also wanted to help men because they have a lot of struggles when it comes to dating. Therefore, Bumble was a way to take some of the pressure off of men.


One thing that men often complain about is how hard it is to get a date. They have many theories on this. One of the most popular theories is that women have been more picky about the looks of their men when it comes to online dating. This is one of the reasons why they can’t get a date. Another theory that people say is that women have so many options and get flooded with messages. However, a lot of men believes that it inflates the egos of women.

The truth is that it does little to the egos of women. Instead, women get overwhelmed and freeze because they do not know who to pick. Also, she knows that the idea of men making the first move is tiring to some men, especially those who get rejected a lot. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has a talent for is looking at the absurdity of the rules. One thing that she notices is that women are encouraged to get their dream job, but are discouraged from making the first move on the man they like. Whitney Wolfe is working very hard in establishing equality.

Check more about Whitney Wolfe:

The Fortress Investment Group Buyout and Investment Strategies

In one of the most anticipated investment deals of 2017, the New York based private equity firm Fortress Investment Group LLC has been acquired by a highly diversified Japanese conglomerate in a transaction worth $3 billion. According to Bloomberg the Fortress specializes in buyout, turnarounds and recapitalization. Its investments are targeted at insurgent sectors such as real estate, healthcare, energy, transportation and loan servicing and consumer finance. The executive honchos of the Fortress Investment Group are the Co-Founder and Principal, Wesley Edens; Co-Founder, Director and Principal, Randal Nardone and Co-CEO and Principal, Peter Briger. The other ranking executives in the company include Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Bass and Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Credit Funds, Marc Furstein. The takeover of the Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank follows the latter’s declaration to expand its investment portfolio in line with its long term commitment to invest its hard earned resources on technologies and businesses that will take the information revolution to the next phase.

To this end, the company has so far committed more than $90 billion. In a report published by leading press release distribution company, Business Wire on December 27, 2017, SoftBank Group Corp (SBG) completed a cash acquisition of Fortress for $3.3 billion. Following the closure, all Fortress Class A shares were converted to $8.08 right to receive shares. The distribution of the merger proceeds will be done in accordance with the Fortress Definitive Proxy outlines and the previously signed Merger Agreement.Fortress Investment Group will hence operate as an independent entity and maintain its head offices in New York, the world’s financial capital. The three principals of Fortress, Wes, Pete and Randy will continue to hold their executive briefs in Fortress. SoftBank’s large portfolio of companies’ spans several sectors, including internet services, IoT, telecommunications, and smart robotics. Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group core competencies remain capital markets, operations management, industry knowledge, corporate M&A and Asset based management.

According to Fortress, the firm overseas assets valued at $43 billion under its management. The assets are in the form of credit Hedge Funds, Permanent Capital Vehicles, Private Equity and Credit Private Equity. The company recently added Asset based Income Fund and Intellectual Property Fund as part of its investment mainstay.Fortress uses its vast knowledge of industries to help clients choose the best investment portfolios and its operations management tools and experience to help clients assess operational, strategic and structural challenges. Using its understanding of corporate mergers and acquisition, Fortress has worked alongside many stakeholders, management boards to execute many successful investment strategies and restructuring efforts. The firm also boasts considerable expertise in capital markets. The Fortress capital markets experts are well-versed with crucial elements such as low risk financing and low cost investment strategies as analyzed through equity and debt capital markets assessment. The firm overseas assets on behalf of over 1,700 institutional clients and private investors spread all across the world. Fortress is also committed to maintaining the lead in corporate governance practices and policies.

Fortress Investment Group, a leader in asset management

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a firm whose primary business is managing diverse investment portfolios. The firm is based in New York, United States and was founded in the year 1988 by, Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wesley R. Edens. Fortress is at the forefront of creating diverse international ventures in private equity, stock markets, and assets acquisition. Fortress serves more than fifteen hundred high net value individuals and institutions as well. Fortress IPO (Initial Public Offer) was in the year 2007 on the ninth of February during which it became the first private equity to be publicly traded.


Fortress Investment Group boasts of a team of highly specialized individuals at the helm of their leadership. Peter L. Briger, Jr. an experienced finance maestro serves as the Principal and also as the Co-Chief Executive Officer. Briger is best recognized for his asset management skills, which have helped Fortress acquire profitable assets.Wesley R. Edens one of the most successful equity investors in the US, is the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the Co-Chief Executive Officer. Wesley played a pivotal role in Fortress’s initial public offer, where they became millionaires together with his other partners. Fortress also has the renowned distress debt guru, Randal A. Nardone, who is the Principal and Co-Founder.

Competent Areas

With such competent leadership offering an extensive pool of qualities to draw from, Fortress is no doubt a force to reckon with in the investment world. Fortress has at its disposal investments valued at seventy billion US dollars in a range of sectors including hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity. Fortress says their strength is drawn from the following areas which they have 100% capability to invest in and have a good return on their investments.

 Asset Management

Most of Fortress investments are grounded on assets. The company has developed a unique set of skills in the valuation, purchasing, financing and managing both financial and physical assets.

Knowledge of the industry

Before the company makes an investment in a particular field, their group of investment professionals conducts background checks and detailed research to ensure that Fortress has an extensive pool of knowledge about that industry.

Unique management methods

The company has tailored their management style to a certain degree of flexibility that allows them to address challenges in operations, strategy, and structure. These allow Fortress to engage multiplex investments and still get profitable returns.Corporate coalitions and take over’s.Fortress has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and this allows them to make strategic moves when initiating new partnerships or acquiring other franchises.

 Market Expertise

Fortress is no stranger to the capital markets and has enough experience to accurately monitor equity and debt in the capital markets and procure low-risk financing.

More about Fortress Investment Group

In the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, Fortress was the main financier for the construction of the Olympic Village. The construction of the village was finalized in the year 2 009 and Fortress assumed ownership after the Olympics. Fortress is the mother company for New Residential Investment, which is in the mortgage business. Softbank acquired Fortress in $3.3 billion deal and now operates as an independent business within Softbank.


For a good financial company, PSI-pay is the company to rely on. It has grown to be an international investment which caters for many. It is a regulated company that ensures people are capable of doing money transactions privately from different places around the globe. PSI-pay offers virtual and physical card programs to suit various companies and individuals globally. It works together with the MasterCard Foundation to help many people access it. Anyone can transact money using different currencies since it accommodates many of them.

Therefore, the online banking system makes it more comfortable even for people to trade from different locations. PSI-pay was incorporated in the early twenty-first century and has grown to benefit many. It has excellent management which ensures that transactions in the participant countries are valid. Therefore, the financial world has gone digital through developments such as PSI-pay. It has made the customers feel more secure as it asserts security, gives secure money transaction and reduces the cost of carrying money in bulk.

Recently, it was displayed that the online banking system is one of the new trends. The growth of the company is notable that people are now encouraged to join in the transactions. It has been proved to be efficient unlike the physical banking although physical banking systems are still relevant. PSI-pay is recommendable as it uses the services of prepaid debit and credit card.

For the company to become such an influence, it worked together with other investment companies to reach its goals. The ambition of the founder was to create a unique banking system which fills the gap in the banking industry. Therefore, the growth has been aided by the partnership with other companies such as Fintech Company and Kerv Wearables. The effects of PSI-pay Company are evident all over because of good collaboration visible. Internally, the company is made up of good staffs that have been trained and are equipped to serve the customers. The workers in the company work putting their knowledge and skills in place to fulfil the core values and guidelines given by the company and also to get their satisfaction. In conclusion, PSI-pay is an online banking company to be relied on by all. People should adopt the system as it is more efficient and less technical.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a dark take on American Events

Sean Penn is an outspoken critic of certain U.S. policy decisions and this has culminated into his new booked titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” in which Penn sits down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to talk about its implications. Penn told Noah that the book looks into the “dark side of human nature” and how quickly humans can be come fascinated with fascist trends. Noah acknowledges that the book is hard to describe, but it has a strange connection to the current events in the United States. Penn continues on to describe the main character, Bob. Bob is an angry middle class man, who has an interesting side job, he kills older citizens with a mallet. He believes that they are standing in the way of progress and must be taken care of.

Penn told Vogue that the book has parallels to the #METOO movement, and this seems relevant. Bob seems to witness many events that have occurred in the United States. Bob sees the election of the new president in 2016, he also later writes an angry letter to the president, telling him that he is not fit for the office. Penn explains to Noah that Bob is supposed to represent the desire in many people to serve their country, yet many do not have a purpose or direction to do so. Bob’s misguided service seems to be the killing of people in the name of “progress.” This again could be going into Penn’s look at the dark side of democracy and its grey area into fascism.

Aside from discussing the book, Penn talks about where his life has been in the last couple years, and perhaps some of the inspirations for the book. He talks of his anger towards Trump’s rude comments about Haiti. he also goes into his unique friendship with the late Hugo Chavez. Then he critiques U.S. foreign policy, and mainly the drug wars in Latin America, talking about how his interview with el Chapo was crucial in understanding flaws in U.S. policy in the area.

Client friendly financial institute in Dallas

Nexbank is a company located in Dallas, Texas that through its subsidiaries, delivers monetary and banking products and services. In September 2017, the firm was pleased to announce that it had completed the $54 million subordinate debt offering. This was a major achievement for the company.

Following this closing, the company raised hundreds of million dollars of debt and equity. There were profits made as a result of this completion too. Nexbank decided to use these profits for the betterment and prosperity of the firm. This will be achieved through overall corporate functions.

The notes made from completion of the debt offering are non-redeemable. They were set for maturity after five years. During this period, they will gain interest at an agreed fixed rate. Certain terms agreed upon during the offering are as follows:

In Texas, this company ranks 11th among the major banks. It started in 1934 and has grown ever since to opening three branches so far. It has almost 100 employees and offers the following banking services:

  • Commercial Banking

Under this, the company is obligated to offer solutions to its clients. They are expected to come up with modified and most suitable ideas for their clients’ financial stability. The company has branches such as financial institutions, treasury management and commercial real estate lending that help in commercial banking.

  • Mortgage Banking

It is the duty of the firm to use their expertise and connect clients with broader opportunities. This may include appropriate warehouse lending, wholesale and correspondent lending among others. They have a responsibility of offering a vast array of solutions that suit today’s mortgage professional needs.

  • Institutional Services

Clients are faced with so many difficulties in the market today. Nexbank has made it their responsibility to find working and improved solutions to these problems. They do so by giving real estate advice for example. They also help in investment banking and treasury management.

Influence On Architecture And The Arts: Robert Ivy

On June 2, Robert Ivy will be presented with the Noel Park Lifetime Achievement Award for his Mississippi-connected patronage of the arts. He first graduated from Sewanee: The School of the South where he studied English. Ivy went on the become Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, a magazine printed by the well-known publisher. Under his leadership, the magazine was widely available across the world and thoroughly covered the architectural industry and topic. As McGraw-Hill penetrated into Chinese and Middle-Eastern markets, he also introduced a Mandarin version of the Architectural Record as well as introducing a version to the Middle East.

In 2001, Ivy became the author of a well regarded biography, Fay Jones: Architect, which covered the life of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most well regarded apprentice. It was considered one of the standard to which architecture is taught and current is in its third edition run. So far, it’s clear Robert Ivy is well deserving of this recognition, but his achievements don’t end there.

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After graduating with a bachelor, Ivy also attended Tulane University and earned a Master of Architecture degree. His master education surely led to his success at McGraw-Hill as he was considered, as far as his education was concerned, a Master in the field. When he was recognized by the Architectural Fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, he was given the title Master Architect making it official. This was an accolade that only six other architects have been honored. In 2017, he was therein awarded the Dean’s Metal Award by the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Prior to that award, in 2011, Robert Ivy was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architecture. He has helped to grow the institutes membership to their highest level in over 160 years with 200 chapters located internationally, state-wide and locally.

With his latest honor, it is an addition to an extensive career of excellence. In some ways, his work ethic, his philosophy in the arts and his communication in the importance of design in Architecture may seem small, but hey add up. He has put AIA on the map, as well as inspired the next generation of architects to follow. Nurturing the growing idea that architecture can positively influence the well-being of people and the environment.

In time, his achievements will continue, but June will assert a remarkable man who has influence so many, whether they know it or not.


Culinary Culture: OSI Group

Over the course of the 20th century and in the wake of industrialization, American food culture took many exciting turns! A notable contributor in the transformation and growth of the food culture into what we know it as today is: The OSI Group, a meat processing company that had humble beginnings in Illinois. This company would grow into a whole sale meat distribution seller that would have a hand in providing meat for some of the most influential and wide spread food services in American history. A great example would be McDonald’s, who chose OSI group as a provider for fresh beef patties. They would continue to create and set a standard of service that would lead them down a century of corporate success and international wealth.

The OSI group continues to grow at an astonishing rate, acquiring production lines and buying out (or buying controlling stakes in) many other whole sale and processing companies. A few recent examples of this include (but aren’t limited to) their acquisition of Tyson Foods in Chicago and Baho Foods in Europe. The acquisition of Tyson foods gave them access to production gear and a production network that let them more flexibly respond to their customers needs. This also helped the plant itself stay active, saving much needed jobs in the area. Also with the introduction of the OSI Group’s infrastructure behind it, this deal promised to bring growth to the facilities. The second example is the purchase of Baho foods in Europe, a convenience food chain. This acquisition brought them more power to their base and allowed their operations to expand enthusiastically in the European market.

OSI has a tremendous amount of influence on the food culture in America. And Within recent years they seem very keen to also expand their high quality of production standards as well as sourcing to the European market. Brands such as Subway, Star bucks, and Papa John’s all depend on the output as well as the quality that this food giant provides. This company continues to set the standard, their network of passionate suppliers and relationship with their customers exemplifies an active commitment to excellence. With a history of high production value, positive customer relations and environmentally friendly practices, it’s clear to see why the OSI group has earned a place in the top 100 food companies of America, and why they are certainly a conglomerate to keep eyes on.

About OSI Group: